Don’t be Cheated. You can Write and Make Good Money out of it

Were you aware you could make good money out of unprofessional writing?  I say this with professional writing in hindsight.  Forget about academic qualifications and career titles for a while.  I’m not saying they don’t matter. And that’s why I have an academic qualification. But looking at it technically, it’s not about the certificate but … Read more

Positive Thinking Benefits: Does it Lead to Success?

Positive thinking has many benefits, including good health, mind-relaxation, hardworking habit, and most important, Success in life. There are several positive thinking strategies recommended by science that play an effective role in your life and keep track of success. Your thoughts are the pre-steps of your actions. You cannot beat your bad time without a positive … Read more

Positive Thinking: How to Think Positive for a Healthy Lifestyle

Is positive thinking a choice or people think negatively even when they don’t want to? The truth is, people, gain negative thinking patterns just as they would positive thinking patterns. The sad part is, people embrace negative thinking patterns more than positive ones without their knowledge.  What do you look like inside your head? There … Read more