Motivation Parlour is a personal growth and self-improvement website founded in 2015 with the aim of helping people leave at the peak of their lives in matters of mental health, relationships, parenting, money, career, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and happiness.

Suppose you desire a lifestyle of success, personal fulfillment, and finding the true meaning of life, Motivation Parlour is here to walk that journey with you.

Our mission is to empower our readers to become better human beings by providing them with knowledge, resources, and tools that will help them achieve their life goals and dreams.

Join us on a journey to personal growth and life fulfillment by interacting with our blog and other resources to make you one wonderful human being.

About Me

Hello, I’m Job, the Founder, CEO, and Writer of Motivation Parlour.

I’m an average human being and not an internet sensation yet as you might be tempted to think.

The first website I started was about Gardening because that is what I learned in college and I thought I would enjoy writing towards that end.

But that didn’t pun out the way I expected because I realized my passion and interests were about something else. However, I still do Home and Gardening for other websites.

That’s how Motivation Parlour came into being. I started this website about personal growth and self-improvement because I’m always striving to be a better human being the way the almighty sees me.

I’ve always known I’m destined for greatness because of the obstacles I’ve been able to overcome in my life. My mindset and belief system were making me miserable and a failure in life.

But that changed when I started reading books on personal growth and development. I’ve spent a dime on Amazon devouring books on the right mindset, positive thinking, relationships, psychology, starting a business, wealth, investing, and successful habits.

Now knowing that change is possible, I decided to walk this journey with other people like you to help you live like a winner and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Running a website is never easy. It calls for a lot of sacrifices to plan, write and publish fresh and informative content regularly. What keeps me going is the knowledge that someone’s life out there is changing because of the content on this website.

Currently, we are a team of two and we hope to hit 500k readers a month by the end of 2023.

As our readers, spread some love by sharing content that you found life-changing to also change someone’s life out there. Sharing is caring! 😍

Make this site your home if you’re on a journey to success in life and happiness.

Thank you so much!

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