What would you give away in exchange for your personal growth?

Your answer to the above question determines how valuable you consider personal growth to be in your life.

Personal Growth

Personal growth encompasses many aspects of our lives. We often think of financial gain as the only measure of of self-growth but that’s where we start to lose the whole game about personal development.

Personal growth touches not only the physical aspects of your lives but it deeply hinges on your spirituality as well.

A rich life is unattainable if you only focus on material wealth and forget to build your spirit and emotion man.

While owning sleek machines, high-end properties and a fat bank account could be everyone’s dream, that is not entirely the answer to your life. Fulfillment doesn’t come from material wealth.

It comes from pursuing a worthy cause that will not only change your life but that of your family, your friends, and everyone around you.

You Can take your Life to the Next Level

At Motivation Parlour, we are happy to see you take that direction by having a personal development plan that will ultimately lead to your personal growth.

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  • A more positive outlook of life
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  • More happy and fulfilling relationships

In one of his series of interviews, Chinese business magnate and Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma says

I regret that I working so hard spend so little time with my family.

Jack Ma

We all know Jack Ma as a very successful businessman. And it’s pretty easy to dismiss any problems real or imagined he may have in his life. He has built massive wealth over the years but he has this one regret that he wishes he could go back in time and mend it.

Nurturing a family.

Whatever way you may choose to look at his situation, fact is we need to make the right decisions that will lead us to personal growth and success.

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