persional growth and development

What is Personal Growth and Development?

In our last piece on personal growth, we discovered how our self-growth is related to our psychology. I hope you learned valuable lessons for your next life chapter. We want to explore further personal growth and development and why it matters in your life. If you are ready, let’s get going.

What are Examples of Personal Growth and Development?

We will answer this question best by defining and distinguishing between personal growth and personal development.

What is Personal Development?

The activities geared towards building your personality and self-awareness are referred to as personal development. Put in other words, these are the tools, processes, and systems you employ as an individual to help you realize personal growth.

Examples of Personal Development Goals

  • Improving your current skills and developing new ones
  • Improving your self-awareness
  • Improving your relationships
  • Seeking and Improving your spiritual growth
  • Improving physical fitness and overall health
  • Building yourself knowledge

You will need a personal development plan to achieve your self-growth goals.

What is Personal Growth?

After going through its different phases to realize transformation, personal growth is the reward you get. Refer here.

Some marks of personal growth will include the following.

  • Self-care
  • Personal love
  • Being better at decision making
  • Acceptance of your past
  • Goal-oriented
  • Increased motivation
  • Inner strength
  • Empathy and tolerance
  • Outgrowing habits, ideas, and relationships that have no value to you.

What is Personal Growth and Development?

Put together, personal growth and development is a positive, permanent change in your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social state.

The desire for personal growth and development is often triggered by a life event, person, or personal experience that inspires you to improve or transform into a better version of yourself.

Personal growth and development are witnessed in relationships, your self traits such as self-confidence, self-image, your career, and business.

Why is Personal Growth and Development Important?

Everyone is always looking to be a better version of themselves. Whether it’s breaking a bad habit, putting your finances in order, overcoming your old mentality, or cutting your connection with losers, there must be something you want to make better for your good.

This calls for dedicated effort and commitment on your part to get the results you desire. Ultimately, personal growth and development lead you towards being a good partner in a relationship, a good parent, an excellent manager, or a high-flying entrepreneur.

Thinking of a personal development plan in your business, relationship, or career? Fill out this form for guidance.

How do you achieve Personal Growth and Development?

1. Be Intentional About your Self-Growth

I can’t emphasize this enough. You fall by accident but you don’t rise by one. Making meaningful progress in your relationship, career, or finances requires that you intentionally identify and get rid of the grey areas.

Identify what is holding you back from moving forward. Is it a series of poor decisions, an old way of thinking, or simply laziness?

A starting point to being intentional about your self-growth is to work on a personal development plan that is measurable and time-specific.

2. Set Goals

A dream without goals is merely a wish. Setting goals is the hallmark of turning your dream into reality. I’m assuming your dream is so big that it may cost you a decade or two to build it.

If that is so, you won’t sit down doing anything and wait for your guardian angel to bring it to your hands.

Set a series of small achievable steps daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will link you to your big dream in the future.

3. Avoid the Triggers that Pull you Back

This is especially true if trying to break a bad habit. You won’t break it by entertaining the same places, people, experiences, or things that made you form the bad habit.

You may need to delink yourself from the wrong or negative people in your life to move forward. “No, I know I’m strong. I will manage it.”

This is a script bound to fail even before it begins. It’s always easy to go down the valley than climb a hill. Think about that.

4. Pay the Price

What price are you willing to pay for what end?

I meet people who desire the sleek machine in town, the excellent food, the high life but ask them about what they are doing to get there, and the conversation becomes shallow and sketchy.

Most people want the good things in life but lack a road map to get them there. They are always wishing and thinking about a high achievement but sabotage their efforts in taking action. Implementation equals tangible results.

5. Don’t give up on yourself when things don’t work

You will fail so many times in your personal growth and development journey. You will lose count.

But this is no excuse to give up. You need to be mentally strong to absorb the shocks ahead. Be nice to yourself when you fall.

Take another stab at it with confidence and determination and tell yourself you can do it. Real change is possible.

6. Work with a coach or Accountability Partner

No one can change you but you. But this is not to say you should shut all doors to the possibility of working with an accountability partner or a coach.

Sometimes, all we need is a nudge towards the right direction, and everything falls into place. Is there someone you trust to walk with you in your personal growth and development?

Swallow your pride and give them a call after reading this. They may just be the person you need to turn your life around.

7. Change your Mind

Change your mind, change your life. The six-word statement is simple yet has the potential to change your life for good and forever. Many have been limited because of self-limited beliefs and wrong ways of thinking.

Much of our progress in life depends on how we think and respond to life. 90% of our stresses or worries come from how we react to life than life itself.

You can get out of your old ways of thinking by practicing mindfulness and self-awareness. What is your mind constantly thinking about? What do you do when a self-limiting belief or thought crops up in your mind?

You got to fight! You can’t be passive and let weeds grow in the healthy garden of your mind. Change your mind, change your life.


Everyone is working hard for a promotion, acquiring wealth, and overcoming the past, or bad behavior. The process and tools you employ to reach the end goal is personal development.

The result is personal growth, which makes you a better person in your career, relationships, and self-image.

Personal growth and development is a transformational, multidimensional journey involving your life’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social state.

If you feel you need guidance towards that end, fill out this form and I’ll be in touch.