teenage attitude and behaviour

Teenage Attitude and Behaviour: How to Parent them in the Right Way

Parenting growing kids is demanding because of the ever-dynamic teenage attitude and behaviour. It’s not a surprise that most parents fear their kids’ teenage years. It’s always a time of intense growth in their lives. They are growing physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

That makes them more curious. Your teen now has the increasing desire to be addressed as an adult.

They make decisions that will define the relationship between themselves and their teens. As a parent, it may reach a point whereby you feel like your teens reject your influence.

Your teen is still the same toddler you nursed. They are now trying to be more articulate, idealistic, and thoughtful. Given the right guidance, teens should make you proud as their a parent.

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So, worry not if your family seems to fall apart. This article will help you find applicable ways to parent teenagers in the best way possible.

Signs your Kid has grown into a Teenager

Maybe you are at a loss as a parent identifying your kid as a teenager. You are not alone. Many parents find themselves in this melee.

Years alone may not help as kids go through different growth spurts. In children, you will find speedy developers and those growing slowly but steadily.

Some key signs that will help you identify your kids are transitioning from being a child to a teen include:

Sexual Characteristics

  • Facial hair
  • Pubic hair
  • Growing breasts
  • Menstrual periods

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Desire to be independent
  • They want to be decision-makers
  • Loathe you addressing them as kids
  • Are aware of other people’s opinions of them
  • Seek identity and a sense of belonging

So how should you handle teenage attitude and behavior in your teens? We give you a 10-point guide on how you can make your teenage parenting effective.

1. Understand What they Need

The teenager is no longer your child whom you would cuddle all the time. They have developed and are almost becoming adults.

They are probably becoming different from what you knew them to be. It won’t mean that you will have to stop caring about them. Have frequent talks about what they need most.

This will enhance a strong relationship between the parent and the teenager.

2. In Parenting Teenagers, Prove to them you Love them

A teenager may develop an ego during the first stages of adolescence. By doing so, your kid may seem like a rebellious teenager at some point; hence some parents feel like giving up.

As a parent, you need to ensure that there is enough evidence to prove that you love your son or daughter. First, it does not matter whether you give him or her money.

Money does not solve any problems. Take some time off with your teenage child. You can opt for road trips or anything to enhance the bondage between the parent and the teenager.

Through all these, the teenager will grow up to become a respectable person in the community.

3. Know More About their Friends

As youngsters grow up, they always have time to make new friends. Some of these friends will make a major difference in how your son behaves. This will help a great deal in studying your teenage attitude and behaviour.

Despite this, while knowing their friends, do not be too nosy. As a parent, there is that overprotective feeling of handling your child.

You can host a party and tell him to invite some of his friends. By doing so, you will have made a big achievement in knowing their friends.

It will also enable you to guide him about his company. As they say, never judge a book by its cover, so don’t be too overprotective. Parenting teenagers is a skill that needs learning.

4. Have a Reinforced Standard Within the Teen

Children are never born knowing what is right or wrong. As the child turns into a teenager, he slightly bends the rules that you as a parent has set.

This will make you feel troubled and somehow stressed. If it comes to this point, ensure to remind them of what you taught them at a young age. You need to tame bad teenage attitudes and behavior from an early age.

Also, give practical reasons why there are boundaries. Do not be afraid that you may seem strict.

In the end, the teenager will thank you for your tireless efforts to raise him appropriately.

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5. Always Listen to their Queries or Needs

Fewer adults respect or listen to their teens. Many of them think they will get over that stage just like how they managed.

Sadly, this destroys the emotional character of the teenage child. The child will feel more of a burden to the parent or guardian.

Your teenage son or daughter might seek advice from other people who may mislead them.

Advice from unknown persons could ruin a healthy relationship with your teenager. Always listen to what your teenager wants to discuss with you.

It helps to create a better mutual understanding and stronger bonds.

6. Offer your Wisdom regarding when you were a Teenager

Being a parent, you have had several encounters as a teenager, some of which may be impressive or not.

In line with that, you automatically gained the gift of wisdom since you are no longer a teenager.

Give this wisdom to your child and it will make a positive impact on his or her teenage life.

This could just be the antidote you need to manage a teenage attitude and behaviour in your teen. It will also make parenting teenagers a lot easier.

7. Guide them to Stay Focused

This is one of the crucial parts to consider when raising a teenager. Guide them to balance enjoying the fun within adolescence.

At the same time, prepare them for the future. Your teenager could forget the consequences of their current choices, which could cost them the future.

Ensure that they are not always focusing on football games or prom.

8. Do not Always Talk to Your Teens

Your teenager will always receive lectures from several adults.

Many of these adults care more about their agenda rather than a teenager. This is very exhausting for kids, making them not trust adults, including parents.

Avoid much too many lectures on your teens. When giving lectures or bits of advice, always address them as adults. Remember to keep things clear and straight to the point.

9. Take Away Some Privileges

You should always note that teenagers need you in their lives and not on their terms and conditions.

Take away some privileges like going to events, gaming, and many more if they seem to develop an ego. This is part of the process of handling your kid’s teenage attitude and behaviour.

This applies to some extreme cases whereby the teenager is very stubborn. It will definitely help to bring him back on track.

10. Reward Increasing Maturity

Reward your teen accordingly if he seems to portray patterns of maturity. You could reward them by increasing their freedom.

You could also give them an extra tip on the allowance and many more. It will also make the teenager trust you more and be more responsible.

Final Thoughts

That being said, raising a teenager can be demanding if you do not know how to go about it. You should know that your kid is undergoing a lot of teenage attitude and behaviour change

Yet, if you follow these tips, your child could become the epitome of being mature and responsible.

So, if your child is just getting into teenagehood, you now know how to handle them best.