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What you Need to Know in Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers is very demanding. It’s not a surprise that most parents fear the teenage years in their kids. It’s always a time of intense growth in their lives. They are growing physically, intellectually, and emotionally. That makes them more curious. Your teen now has the increasing desire to be addressed as an adult. They […]

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Chronicles of a Sunday School Teacher

It is enjoyable to be some kind of teacher. How about being a Sunday school teacher? Whether a teacher in school, church, or the lecture halls, you have hundreds and thousands of kids paying keen attention to you. They are eager to know whether the content they are listening to is worth their time and […]

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How to Overcome Negative Peer Pressure.

  As is commonly known, peers are people of the same age, same interests or social status. Peers hang out together, go to watch a football match together and spend a lot of time with one another. Needless to say TweetShareShare

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5 Financial Lessons to Teenagers.

Growing up as a child is fun and full of fond memories that travel years back to when we were just teenagers. Children are known to be playful, adventurous and mischievous. They can go the extra mile in pursuit of that thing that will give them joy and pleasure including swimming naked in a crocodile […]