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No Glory Without Sacrifice

This morning while attending a monthly departmental meeting at my workstation I happened to be among those listening to our guest for the day – a recruitment officer with the company I work with. To say the least, her story was inspiring let alone motivating. Every sentence from her mouth broke forth through the still […]

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5 Amazing Ways to Overcome Sky-rocketing Unemployment Levels.

                                              Yesterday, I slept quite late after overworking myself mercilessly with advanced excel formulas. Well, I hit the pass mark for the course anyway so I slept soundly like a well-fed cat. It is 2 years down the line since most of my peers and I finished college. Some opted to join missionary […]

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Quandary of a Young Kenyan Graduate.

  James Karagu, commonly known in close circles as Jemo, is a recent graduate from an institution of higher learning in Kenya; having pursued BSc. Statistics. Before finishing college and graduating James was upbeat about getting a job and being a respected man in society. Apparently, back then in campus, he was dating a beautiful […]