your success is in your mind

Success in Life is in Your Mind

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Everyone desires success in life, but not everybody can become successful, unfortunately. To be successful, you need first to understand what success is.

Your success is what you envision in your mind. It’s not what you see in other people. If you are with me here, let’s move on. Everything you ever want in life is inside you. God and the universe can only help you accomplish it. But everything starts from within you.

What is Success in Life?

Success in life is two-pronged. In a general sense, it’s all about accomplishing your goals. The goal should never be money because that’s only a means to an end. Money is never the end goal.

In the truest sense, success in life is happiness. It’s about being secure in your skin with high self-esteem. The sad part is that many people have a skewed sense of success. They think a life of success is about dressing in fancy clothes and driving sleek machines. That’s not success.

You’re just an average Joe trying to impress people you don’t like. Successful people buy assets. Over time, these items appreciate in value, like jewellery, land, and stocks. They don’t buy dumb shit to impress other people.

Success in Life Begins in Your Mind

A typical example I may use is the one of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was once a mere directory used in Harvard dormitories.

Mark began experimenting on the Facebook idea when he was a sophomore at Harvard, together with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. The rest is history.

Julian Kyula, the Senior Pastor, Purpose Centre Church, Nairobi, is the founder and former CEO of Mode, a mobile decisioning company that lends airtime credit to its consumers.

Having worked with Credit companies in the US, Mr Kyula used his knowledge and experience in the industry to open his company, which is valued at millions of dollars. You can read more about a new company he is working on here.

Success in Life Means Creating Your Path

Those are some examples of successful startup stories in the US and Kenya. I’m not encouraging you to be a start-up founder. You need to know that everything you can create in this world is within you.

The success stories of the aforementioned examples were just a decision away. Mark would have continued with his Computer Science degree and shelved his Facebook project. But he thought otherwise.

If you are a student, please don’t drop school. Create your own path.

Kyula would have continued living in the US, earning a six-figure salary in a first-world country. Living the American dream, right? But there is something he discovered within him that was far beyond his job.

Think Long term

Young people! Please be patient and appreciate the value of hard work. Whether you work for somebody or are self-employed, keep your attitude right and grinding.

I can assure you a successful idea will come and be from within your mind. Shortcuts in life are there, but they are the longest routes bedecked with regrets, pain and frustrations if you think about it.

A young man deludes that when he hooks himself to a sugar mummy for riches in exchange for sexual favour, that’s a well-cut-out life for him.

That’s akin to dancing with a bear, and sooner she will eat you up. Young ladies! Being a rich man’s second wife or side chick doesn’t make you successful. You are sowing some evil seeds, and you will reap them later.

Young people should give themselves grace, believe in themselves (God already believes in you), and work hard because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And if you think you have seen your success in life, you have seen nothing yet because your success is in your mind.

Stay hopeful, stay positive.