You Will Change Once You Stop Blaming Everybody but Yourself

blaming others
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John as his friends call him is a young man born in Busia County. His birth names are Patrick Sitati. Since he finished college, John has been in search of white collar jobs but he is always hitting at a dead end. This is something many young people in Kenya can relate to.

Unemployment notwithstanding, John’s character is also wanting. He is always complaining about everything and everybody but himself. According to him, there is nothing wrong with him but the people and situations around him. John occasionally goes on a tirade on how the Kenyan economy is bad, how county governments are immersed in corruption and nepotism, how the local church is full of hypocrites and out to do business than cure souls. His vision and future are blocked by a mountain of complaints.

Well, what John does not realize is that unless he takes responsibility and changes his own self and negativity nothing good is going to come out of his life just yet.

Mary is a social worker, employed by the local government but she is always complaining about her meager salary and how it is never enough to foot her bills. Unfortunately for Mary, she is blind to the fact that complaining never moved mountains it is only the faith of a mustard seed put into practical action with a positive attitude that can change her life history. Previously, before she got employed, Mary used to put up at her sister’s place and was totally supported by her sister. Not even could she afford money to buy airtime to chat with her friends.

Six months into her job, Mary stopped being grateful for her job and forgot that before then she could not afford her basic needs. Suddenly, the money has become little, the workplace is boring and she feels she deserves better. And there she was: complaining and into the blame game.

It is Not about What You Have but What You Can Do With What You Have

Well, how many of us go through life with this mental condition? We have this sense of entitlement and we always believe that we deserve better than what we already have. It’s my land, my job, my position, my car, my mansion. Come on! Spare me the want and be grateful for once. Okay, hold on! I didn’t say stop being ambitious and pursuing your life goals. But first, be grateful for the little you have and stop whining about everything.

It is quite unfortunate that quite a few have fallen into the trap of living a superficial life and many are never satisfied. How many of us remember to be grateful every night we put our heads to bed? Many lie confused, disgusted and discouraged about plans that never went through, a deal that turned sour or rewinding the insults we received during the day. Why focus on the negatives and hurt even further?

Instead, choose to be grateful for life, for the good health, for the three square meals you ate with relish, the good, supportive friends you have, the shoes under your feet, the roof above you and you will count your blessings daily. The little things we take for granted on a daily basis are actually the things God want us to give thanks unto him and thank him also in advance for more that is to come.

Human beings have a tendency of pointing a finger at many other things that are wrong about them without examining their own selves. Christ was quick to point out this when he mentioned to the Pharisees why they were quick to look aty the speck of sawdust in their brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in their own eye (Matthew 7:3).

Correct the wrongs in you and see how fast you will change.