5 Reasons why Rampant Sex is on the Rise

Image credit:pixabay.com

Sex is a virtue that is given by God. The urge of sex in itself is part of God’s creation in not only humanity but animals too. Interestingly, rampant and casual sex is on the rise. In the 21st century, gay and lesbian groups have emerged very courageously in defense of their members who have a different sexual orientation to what is considered normal. This subject has raised a lot of debate in churches, with some churches allowing same sex marriages while others opposing to it. Sex is holy and youths are to learn that they have to give it respect and make it sacred. If you want to know why sex has become common and not sacred, as it should be, here are reasons why.

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is real and with us to stay. Listening to the youth talk about sex makes you wonder what morals they have. A boy in a group of his age mates will openly brag about his sexual escapades with a girl they know of. He will animatedly describe the drama to his eager to listen friends. Being in such company makes you vulnerable to their influence. Your continuous presence in their company makes you become like them even though you do not want to. Girls on the hand will praise you in their small talk on how good you are in bed. To her friends listening, this only serves to create a hunger and a longing for a taste of the same pie.

  1. Pursuit for Money

Money is everything, it is good, prestigious and worth having it. However, the pursuit of money has created more problems than options in peoples’ lives. The rising incidences of casual sex in people also occurs due to them chasing after money. A young woman with no job or source of income would rather join her clique of friends who are selling off their bodies for money. Having a source of income is good but when done with morals. You would rather work as a house cleaner than sell off your body.

On the same knot, a young man with no form of employment would rather feed, earn and be put up by a sugar mummy in exchange for his sexual services. They care less about the sacredness of sex with the pretext that the end justifies the means. A young woman in university living in a bed-sitter house would rather invite men to her house to feed and pay rent for her in return for sexual favours. This is not to say that all women living alone in a bed-sitter are immoral. Stereotypes can be dangerous as well.

The search for job can also be grueling and energy-sapping. It is hard not to give up when all your applications are rejected and your would-be employer sends you a regret email. If one is desperate enough for the job, they will bow down to anything including giving their bodies for the job.

  1. Permissiveness in the Society

Recently, a friend went to visit a voluntary counseling and testing centre (VCT) to know about his health status. Luckily, for him, tests done proved him HIV negative. On being asked whether he is married, he gave a negative response. On being asked whether he had sex before, he also gave a negative response. Interestingly, the people present were shocked that a man at his age was single and a virgin. True enough, society has become permissive by making normal what is considered sacred and holy, avoiding checks and balances in parenting by giving kids a lot of freedom or simply burying its head in the sand. It is no longer a surprise when one has a child out of wedlock but it becomes a big surprise when one is still a virgin at 30.

  1. Your Classy Smart Phone

Gone are the days when one would visit a cyber café to check their facebook or twitter account thanks to smart phones. As it is said, the current generation is chattier than ever. All your social media accounts namely Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat among others have been wrapped nicely into your one large smart phone. It is only a doctor who can tell what will happen to peoples back necks if they continue bending their necks to their smart phones daily for a chat for the next three years.

A smart phone is good and it feels nice having one. It saves you a lot of trouble in sending emails, doing online shopping, editing documents, taking quality pictures and a flurry of other activities. Your smart phone also serve as a knowledge bank with all the kind of information you need a Google click away. Despite its benefits, smart phones can waste your quality time with family, spouse or special other with unnecessary chats. This chats also come with a lot of social garbage and propaganda embedded in them, some of which are immoral and vulgar. Attached files of videos, images and even documents can carry a lot of profanity or immoral stuff that can suffocate your moral values with time and make you a prey to sexual immorality.

  1. Movies

Movies are meant for entertainment. They are good because for a moment, they make you break away from reality and enjoy the fantasy world. Apart from entertainment, movies are inspiring, motivational, informative, and educative. There is a quote that says for all the riddles and puzzles in life, you can solve them by watching movies.

However, when you watch movies for a long time especially the genre of drama, action and thrillers you will realize three main themes that usually stand out. These themes include rebellion, sex, divorce and to some extent money. At times, they are subtly embedded into the movies and one cannot help but watch them. A young man once said that sex appears cool in movies. Unfortunately, for him, that is not what he might experience in real life. Clearly, too much of something is poisonous. When you are exposed to too much of sexual content, your morals and values are subconsciously affected. Movies are powerful and they can change your life for the better or worse.

God created sex for both procreation and pleasure. However, if mishandled, it can lead to many physical and emotional wounds that might take forever to heal. You should keep sex sacred by harnessing it or transmuting it to other channels such as a gym workout or getting busy in a constructive activity. Remain true to the call to keep sex holy.