Revealed: The One Ignored Secret to Riches.

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Dear Reader, I hope your day is fairing on well and you are fine in the Lord.

Remember it is an election day, to those in Kenya.I wish every single one of you peaceful elections in whichever region or part of the country you are

Lets preach PEACE! PEACE! PEACE!

I just cast my vote by 9:00 A.M and my hope is that peace prevails even as we wait the final tallying of results.

Aside from the elections update I know you are ready and eager to know about the one ignored secret to riches.

Well, here is the interesting thing about the secret; it is found in the bible and not in self-improvement or investment best-sellers.

I am not going to teach you on how to select the best stocks that will give you profits on your investment or how to invest in real estate where the super rich in Kenya and the world over store their wealth nor do an analysis to recommend process changes on your business. I am here to inform you that God loves you unconditionally and wants the best in life for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

Given the assurance that he wants the best in life for you, it is important for you to note that he wants you to make money and a lot of it in a Godly manner. We are aware that Kenya is a Christian nation with a small percentage of its citizens being Muslims. Actually, many are Christians because they are born of Christian parents and thus were given Christian names. Subsequently, in the8.4.4 education system in Kenya, they studied Christian Religious Education and therefore identify more with the Bible than the Quran.

Nevertheless, the same bible we associate ourselves with much,has outlined the commandments and God’s will on true Christian living of which most of us have fallen short of or simply ignored. In such a case, the bible still presents God, as a God of mercy, forgiveness and a second chance. Case in point, one needs to look at the corruption levels in government, extra –judicial killings that were long forgotten, lack of integrity in leadership, rogue men of the cloak and the tribalism menace threatening to tear down our national unity and cohesion. These points to a Christian nation that has simply chosen not to depict the very image of God.

It is because of such social and economic ills that many (true Christians included) have been forced and conditioned to believe that real wealth can never be obtained legally. Listening to a conversation among the youngpopulation, one would be surprised to learn that they believe for one to be super rich or wealthy in Kenya, crooked means of making money have to be employed. Such crooked means include corruption as done by some senior officials in civil service, stealing from your employer, killing for wealth, shady deals by who is who in government , evasion of taxes, importing of contraband and smuggling of goods, drug trafficking and many more.

Therefore, moneymaking has been associated with corruption and shady deals that do not meet the eye. As such, pastors and Christians have always been perceived to be poor and living in abject poverty, no wonder the phrase as poor as a church mouse.

This makes me think that early Christians made themselves comfortable with the perceived notion of poverty upon them taking consolation as followers of Christ suffering for his names ‘sake with regard to wealth. To the best of my biblical knowledge, it has never been God’s will for a Christian to live in abject poverty or lack material possessions. In fact, after the sufferings of Christ glory follows. (1 Peter 1:10-11) This is because, as it is simply written He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities (even of our ancestors), the chastisement of peace was upon him and his strips heal us (Isaiah 53:5). Christ conquered all our sufferings stemming even from generational curses and said at the cross it is finished (John 19:30). With this knowledge in mind, one needs not to walk or perceive Christianity as lacking and suffering but rather victorious in every sphere including wealth creation.

Certainly, a Christian living in the 21st century should be fully aware that God wants them to make wealth legally and not follow the world in acquiring material wealth without God (Proverbs 10:22). When Jesus Christ faced the tempter after fasting for 40 days and nights, the tempter mentioned to him that all the kingdoms of the world would be his (Christ) if he bowed down and worshipped him (devil).However Christ replied and told the devil that you shall worship the Lord your God and serve him only (Luke 4:5-8) . My fellow good people, there is no other secret to wealth that has ever been ignored that the one found in scriptures above. The devil was ready to give Christ all the kingdoms of the world if he could only bow down and worship him. How much do you think the Lord would give to you that real wealth if you bow down and worship him in truth and in spirit and not as your ancestors worshipped? (John 4:21-24)

Many have bowed down to the devil and have been given a lot of wealth and fame as a result albeit the ungodly way, however, true Christianity demands that one does not lose his own soul in pursuit of wealth and material possessions (Proverbs 30:8-9) .

More so, Christians should worship in truth without pretence and not pretend to be well and good before God when their souls are in a terrible state. They should be true to the brethren and God.

Lastly, God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit.

Finally, Christians are commanded to serve God.

In conclusion, God wants to bless us with real wealth but on certain conditions. I do not know what your interpretation of these scriptures is but to the best of my understanding a personal relationship with God through worship and service will certainly guarantee a Christian real wealth. Watch this video for more insights.