Run Your Own Race

Gladys Cherono, Mary Wacera and Sally Chepyego at the 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships (Google Images)

You may have heard of the statement – Run your own race. Have you for a moment ever thought of its significance in your life?

In actual sense, many people run other peoples race while thinking they are running their own race. Take for example a young man whom I will call Fred. Well, Fred chose to marry even when he was not ripe for marriage because his close friend and schoolmate, Julian had already married.

So Fred is motivated to marry by the decision of Julian his friend and not because he is ready to marry.

So Fred is motivated to marry by the decision of Julian, his friend and not because he is ready to marry.

I agree that we don’t emulate apes, we emulate fellow human beings and try to do what each one of us does best, however, that does not give us a ticket to run others people’s race.

No man is an island and everyone will always find themselves in a group or community of people at places of work, business, school or social events.

All is well until when you chose to abandon your own race for others peoples pursuit. Your colleague putting on the latest and trendy fashions in town should not be the driving force for you to upgrade your wardrobe when you know clearly you don’t have the money to do that.

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

It is sad that many of us conform to purported norms and generalities and fail to be the CEOs of our lives. Ever heard of a company or organization that had the same mission statement, vision, and agenda as three other different companies? No!!

The same applies to our own lives. We lose our originality, sense of purpose and vision when we allow ourselves to get trapped in others peoples dreams and visions.

Do you have the will to follow your own course in life without wavering or your neighbor’s life is what you copy?

It’s not a surprise that some of the mentally challenged students and former schoolmates are driving posh vehicles and living in luxurious homes. But by the fact that your life isn’t that successful does not mean your drop your values, goals, and vision in life to pursue their course.

If you fall victim to materialism, the truth is that at no single day will you ever be contented with what you have. But later own you will learn the hard way that contentment with divine living does you a lot better.

True satisfaction in life can only be found when you run your own race. You are your number one competitor better stick to your own lane and be focused if you want to achieve greater things in life.

What many people do in common should never be taken as the gospel truth. Many people could as well be doing the wrong thing while being blinded by the notion that everybody is doing it and so it is right. How wrong?

We should refrain from the temptation to think that there is only one defined way to success in life. People get to be successful through different avenues in life and you better align with yours by running your own race.

Til next time.