5 Powerful Positive Living Techniques to Set you on a Positive Path in Life

Would you say life is positive or negative at your current life status? Can we be intentional about positive living? Your answer will depend on the major event(s) happening in your life.

The world is still reeling from the effects of a pandemic that has left many with no jobs, businesses down the drain, loss of loved ones, stress, anxiety, and so much more.

At this point, it’s important to pause and ask, how are you doing?

It’s okay not to be fine. We live in a world of social media, where we are predisposed to show more of our brighter sides than the negatives.

And so anybody going through hell will find it unbearable watching success stories that may not even exist in the first place.

Practising positivity is a good thing. It will shape you into a better person by building your spirit and soul into one wonderful human being. We focus too much on seeking material wealth at the expense of our emotional well-being and happiness.

What’s the point of building so much physical wealth and yet lacking people to enjoy the wealth with?

To avoid drifting in that direction, you must build your life into a positive being who will desire to grow in all facets of your life.

If you had tried something before and failed, there is a reason for being angry with yourself or negative at most, but you don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

We got some positive living techniques that we believe will help you on the trajectory towards becoming a more positive human being.

5 Positive Living Techniques towards a Positive Path

Positive living techniques are the practices or habits you can incorporate into your life to give you more positive energy.

If you are a negative person or always find yourself bordering on the negative side of things, we hope you can unlearn the negative habits and learn to live with positivity.

1. Watch, Read, and Listen to Positivity Materials

Sometimes, we try hard to be positive on the outside, yet things are the exact opposite on the inside. You know, smile, fake some confidence, be nice or kind.

But all these aren’t going to make a difference if you don’t change from the inside. The person we reflect on the outside is always a true self of the person we are on the inside.

However much you try faking this, the true part of you will always come out. Therefore, one of the positive living techniques you should embrace should be towards building your inner self.

That means you interact with positive material to build your spirit and soul. Watching a positive film or reading a novel with a positive story profoundly affects your positivity.

It doesn’t have to be a film or a book; positive clips or excerpts could bring the difference.
You can make this technique a daily practice. It could be your morning routine. The more you interact with positive stuff, the happier you will become towards life.

Even if you are going through a negative experience, you will have the capacity to focus on the positive because you are building your inner self to be that person.

2. Count your Blessings

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Every time I count my blessings, I tend to forget my problems. No one is immune to life problems; one day may turn out good, while the next could be the worst day of your life.

That does happen occasionally, but you want to focus on your wins more than your losses.
To count your blessings, you don’t need to win or achieve a bigger goal than your dreams.

Being grateful for the little, simple things in life brings the difference. Being healthy and having a loving family should be enough reason to make you grateful.

Moving forward, you can develop the positive living technique of counting your blessings at the end of each day.

Think of anything that made you smile, whether it was that positive feedback from a client, a colleague, the hearty laughter of your child could all count on making you positive about life.

3. Focus on the Lessons Learnt, not the Challenges

As stated earlier, challenges are part of our lives. Your marriage could be going through a rough phase.

Or maybe your job has become too demanding, or you can’t seem to get over with debts.
No problem is permanent.

Eventually, your difficult situation will pass. But what you want to check is not whether the problem is there but whether you have become a better person than you were. Whether you can embrace positive living as opposed to leading a negative life.

After struggling with a series of debts in my life, I realized that if things were going to change, it would be me. I started being intentional about my expenses and tracking where my money goes.

I’m becoming a master of my money, and no matter how much I make in a month, I track my expenses and savings to ensure I don’t go down that drain again.

I have learned to multiply my income sources, and save and build my investments as time passes.
Take every challenge in your life as an opportunity for growth and development.

Fine, your relationship isn’t working right now; you are underperforming at the workplace; are there any lessons you are drawing from such experiences?

Focus on the lessons you are learning and not the problem.

4. Treat every day as a New Day

Life is predictable but also unpredictable on many levels. No one ever saw the pandemic coming and that it would crash the economies of many countries.

We face unpredictable circumstances that shift us onto a new level or further crush us in our lives. And that’s why no day can ever be the same. Each day comes with its share of both the good and the bad.

The problem starts when we start living in the past. What you want to do is treat each day as a blank page.

Whether you slept hungry yesterday or had a sour day at work is no ticket for making your today gloomy.

Even if you are still in recovery mode the next day, that day is a new day for you, and you need to handle it as such.

The problems of yesterday are lingering around, but you have the prerogative of writing a new script. Choose to fill the blank page of your new day with good things.

5. Talk Good About Yourself

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It’s a sad reality, but people keep talking negatively about themselves and expect to attract the opposite.

Talking good about yourself is one of the fundamental positive thinking techniques you should practice in your life. Listening to self-positive talk is healthy because you keep affirming the good about yourself.

This has the ripple effect of lifting your spirits, giving you a new dose of energy, and giving you a positive outlook on life.

As we advance, watch how you speak about yourself. Watch how you speak about yourself in front of other people.

People could be talking well of you, but it also matters how well you speak of yourself.
Stay positive by speaking positively of yourself.

Wrap Up

We hope these five positive living techniques will set you on a positive thinking path in life.

You may not see the results tomorrow or even in a couple of months, but if you keep practising them, something else is shifting on your inside: your subconscious to make you a more refined person in life.

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