Meet Lee Mchanaji-A Spoken Word Artist

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Just like you or someone else, out there I never knew about the Spoken Word til I met a rising talent in Lee. Of course, you cannot know every damn thing in this world. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and industrialist even in death, is best remembered for revolutionizing the Motor vehicle industry in America.

Despite all credit going to him, historical sources indicate that some of his inventions like the Ford Assembly belts were a concept built and developed by some of his employees.

Sorry, I am not here to talk about Henry Ford but Lee Mchanaji’s artistic prowess through the spoken word.

You need to first understand that the spoken word is an oral art that is written but performed before an audience. In other words, it is poetry intended for an onstage rendition rather than a page set up.

To Lee, there is no other passion or vigor that I know about him other than the Spoken Word.

Listening to this Spoken word video by Lee has not only arisen my deepest and core emotions for my country Kenya but has bonded me more to her. He has made me realize my role as a youth in moving Kenya, my country, forward. That as a youth in this great nation of Kenya, I will not allow myself to be used for selfish gains by a political leader whether he is ethnically related to me or a brother from another mother.

Lee highlights Kenya as a man eat man society, where politicians only use power as a tool to rip, exploit, divide and rule the masses. Indeed, we have a president in the name of Uhuru, whose name actually serves to remind us of the freedom that the founding fathers of the Kenyan nation fought for.

Unfortunately, for us, black colonial masters took over the white. You need to look at tribalism that has cut asunder the national fabric of unity and cohesion in our great nation. Let me not talk about Post Election Violence just yet.

What about the inequitable distribution of resources and historical land injustices mentioned by the TJRC report? A report facilitated by Kibaki’s administration only to be buried under the current regime.

Lee explains it better.

You can also watch the video right here and see it for yourself.

Kenyans want change!

Kenyans want a better future for their kids including you and me.

The time is ripe people!

Whatever your capacity or area of jurisdiction discover the leader in you and be that agent of change.

Change for yourself! Change for your kids! Change for your country!


You can support Lee by subscribing to his youtube channel through the above-given links.


To be continued……