It is Okay to Suck and Embarrass Yourself


Hello guys!

Being a Sunday, I thought it wise to mention this topic to you, why not?

Sunday is the day most people are off from their demanding week day jobs. It is also a day when the faithful have a chance to worship God and visit one another. More so, some take this time to spend on outings with their loved ones and family.

Indeed, Sunday is a day that comes and is soon gone, however, one can have every fulfilling moment of it.

And so today I have been reflecting on personal growth, self-improvement and today’s sermon about –The Serpent.

If my memory serves me right, I have read very many self-help books and blogs on different topics such as saving, dating and relationships, spirituality and making wealth. On the contrary, my life has changed to a certain degree but not to the level mention in the given blogs and books.

Interestingly, many self-help books and blogs including the one I’m writing on encourage people to be a better version of themselves, be happy, seek after success, break bad habits, be assertive, make money and so forth.

However, today I want to center this discussion on a different perception of life. As much as everyone may want to drive the latest machine in town and carry that sleek sizable smartphone, not all these are a sure guarantee in giving you the happiness you really long for.

On the contrary, I think it is healthy and okay for one to feel low, sad, dejected and miserable once in a while. It is quite unfortunate that in the 21st-century world of social media and a booming self-help industry, bloggers and writers have perfected the skill of giving people unsolicited advice on how to do this and that. This may partly work in your life or it may simply have no impact on your life at all.

Furthermore, people have perfected the art of feeling good, being happy and living life to the fullest on social media when in fact, their true selves are struggling with bills and a myriad of other life issues.

Social media has helped much in boosting the self-help industry song because people would like to show off their success, new shoes, the new smartphone they never heard before or the baby they recently gave birth to.

In contrast, such online photos only reflect a part of their life story at that paticular moment and it does not necessarily mean the individual in question is always happy.

Self-help writers tell us never to be sad but always happy, how not to suck and embarass ourselves, how to stop overspending and saving, how to win our Ex-girlfriends and boys back.

On the contrary, I think it would be good for one to live life in moderation without being too hard on themselves with self-help sermons. True change in an individual usually comes from within and I believe outside sources only serve to catalyze their resolve for change.

In living life to the full, you will trumble and be trumbled upon, laugh and be laughed at. At times in life we embarass ourselves so badly and the thought of such like incidences only make us more embarrased.

To recap an incidence I once embarrased myself, I am the discipline polite, young man who means no harm to none. And so during one time in college, the lecturer wanting to use students as teaching aid to make the concept of the Human DNA sink deeper summoned three students to the front including myself.

Given a choice, I would be the first one to refuse such a proposition by the lecturer but he would have heard none of that. It so happened that the jeans trouser I had worn that day was a little bit tight on me. This served to create an unusual contour in my fly area.

The front of the class was a little bit raised like a podium and so the 1000-packed classroom could visibly see the front.

Unfortunately for me, the class clown had already spotted an opportunity to break the ice and off he went. Amidst the demonstrations and lecture by the professor, he shouted a funny remark in slang to suggest that I had just had an erection.

The lecturer not wanting to be left out of the moment highlights simply chipped in and made a repitition of the clown’s remarks on a lighter knot which send the class into a mad frenzy of laughter, shouting and ululations. Girls pinched the boys and got a subject to talk about.

To save myself the embarassment, I joined the class in the laughter and laughed at myself too. Eventually , the noise dissipated and sooner the lecture came to its end. The incidence was fast forgotten as it came.

This is exactly how life works. Always shifting between lemons and lemonades periodically. There is always no a continouos state of bliss as self-help books may want to put it or make us believe but a series of ups and lows, the hero and the loser you, in one day you could be a jack-of-all trades and the next day turn out to be a good for nothing bloody vampire.

Therefore, the trick here is to stop being the perfectionist. Stop always having a high expectation of you in everything you do because you can obviously never achieve that. Reserve such expectations for Hollywood movie stars who are made to appear superhuman and perfect in body-shape, movements, speech and everything they do. Once in a while show love and appreciation for the miserable and loser you. Learn to accomodate the sad and bored you by acknowledging that the most jovial and talkative person, once in a while shuts down completly.

Next time you suck or embarass yourself, simply remember that for life to be complete, you need to have a test of both lemons and lemonades. No movie stars here.

Is there a day you embarrassed yourself and felt the loser for it? Let me know through the comments section below.

Have a fruitful week.