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How Not to Give Up When You Want to and Be 5x Better

If you asked me whether life has a manual, I would have answered you with a yes. It’s that just people don’t give heed to guidance sometimes. There’s never a one size fits all kind of experience. One guy tries doing business today; it picks up within months. Another tries the same business and closes it within the first year. But do me a favor, regardless, never give up.

And that’s why you are better off learning from your own failed experiences because it will be foolhardy to repeat the same mistakes twice.

What I mean to drive home is you should be more afraid of comfort zones than taking risks. How would you love your script to be: Play safe today and die poor tomorrow or take risks today and die rich or trying to be.

The words ” Never give up” have always rung in our ears for the longest time we can remember. But just how do you resist the temptation to give up, pack your bags and leave. We talk about this today, showing you how not to give up and be a 5x better person.

How not to Give Up When you Want to

1. Take a Break

We’ve all been there. Where everything you touch seems to have conspired with the universe not to work when in your hands.

By this time, your confidence is down the toilet, you’re cash-strapped, and the little left of your project seems not to be going anywhere. Motivation gurus have told you to be consistent.

But the more you push, the more the hurdles. If you feel you are at this point, stop and disengage yourself from whatever you are trying to do. Take a break, however long you want, if at all it will help you feel better and in control again.

Preferably, you shouldn’t take a break to sleep. You could listen to your favorite music, go camping or take a road trip for some days. Jump at your hobby or even attend a seminar or constructive workshop.

2. Note Down What’s Working and What’s Not. Focus on What Works

Companies, small businesses, and organizations often undergo restructuring and change their growth strategies either to cut costs, expand their client base, be more efficient, or both.

It’s something that companies must face time and again, or else they could go out of business. Similarly, you should also take stock periodically of what’s working and what’s not.

Success doesn’t come on autopilot mode. You have to be intentional and strategic, or otherwise, you won’t cut it. If action A doesn’t produce the results you need, how about trying action B.

Still, if nothing seems to change, how about combining both routes. There has to be a way around your current problem in business, relationship, or career.

No going back.

No calling it quits

No, you aren’t going to give up!

3. Focus on the Process, Not the Goal

Many times we are told to have SMART goals. This is a good thing because having goals keeps you on your toes, working hard to meet them. However, come to think of it, we rarely meet our goals 99% of the time.

And that in itself could be discouraging, especially when the % could be way lower. How about focusing on the process and not the goal.

Give yourself room for failure and adjust your goals but more importantly, learn something through the process. Let’s say your goal was to make your business global by the end of 2020. But because of other bottlenecks that were out of your control, you weren’t able to hit your goal.

See, you are learning something through the process, which puts you in a position to make better and more informed decisions next time.

Or your goal could’ve been to walk down the aisle before the year ends, but as things turn out, you realize the man who was to walk you down the aisle is a liar and not the person you thought you knew.

The relationship will end, but that’s not the end of your story. You are learning something through the process.

4. Seek Help when you Need It

Even the smartest or most intelligent people in the world need people or a team to work with them. Bill Gates never built Microsoft alone. Mark Zuckerberg had many other geeks who helped him build Facebook into the behemoth it is today.

Their team insights, ideas, and intelligence helped drive their companies’ visions to greater heights. In life, you will need help from lots of people.

Such people could be your peers, colleagues, a business partner; even your ex-somebody could come around amazingly.

One way not to give up in life or endeavor is to seek help when you really need it. Maybe you just needed one word from a friend for that eureka moment.

5. Keep Doing what you Do Best

During Pilot training on safety rules, one of the main things they are always told to do is keep flying the plane no matter what happens. Imagine a pilot stops flying the plane in midair.

What happens next will be more disastrous. That should tell you something. Always keep doing what you do best. You will suck at some point and even be laughed at, but that is always part of growth.

Fix your eyes on what you can do best and keep moving forward. At the end of it all, you will be far much better than the person who decided to stop and listen to what every ingrate is saying around them.

If praying is what you do best, keep praying no matter the pain. If it’s singing, keep singing, even if you don’t seem to get the traction and likes you expect on social media.

Don’t give up because of what’s happening around you. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentions that people give up when success is just around the corner. You don’t want to be that kind of person.

6. Detach Yourself from Negativity

It takes great mental strength to keep looking at the positive side of things when they seem to go the other way. Perhaps Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, is a good person to mention here.

Referred to as the emancipator of slaves, he rose from humble beginnings and went through a troubled childhood where he lost his mother. It’s always refreshing to read his biography.

Sure, he was the perfect candidate to give up in life and mention all kinds of excuses for his failures, but he didn’t.

If your negativity stems from your past life experiences, make peace with your past and let go as fast as possible. Similarly, if you have a negative circle, drop it because it’s not doing you any good.

A positive outlook on life is key to your success and where you want to go next.

How to Bounce Back and be 5x Better

It has been mentioned before that there are no problems but only a shortage of ideas. With better ideas, life is made easier and manageable.

So, your not giving up and bouncing back will be premised on the following:

1. Taking Responsibility

If looking to be a better version of yourself, you need to own your problems. Blame games aren’t part of the success script. Nothing works until you decide to make them.

Whether it was your uncle you feel made you never marry the man of your dreams, or your business partner who ran down your business, take responsibility for your decision and avoid blaming other people who might have been involved.

You only get better when you take charge of your pain points.

2. Learning from your Bad Experiences

Your experience must have been painful and disastrous. Probably, there might have been poor decisions you made that gave you bad results and made you want to give up in life.

Your experience also served as an eye-opener to the things you shouldn’t have done. On the flip side, this is good for you because it means you won’t repeat your mistakes.

3. Learning to Accept What Happened

If you ask me, this is hard but a vital process to come to terms with. Many choose to live in denial after going through a setback.

But this isn’t sustainable. A good way to go through your pain or low point is to accept everything that happened. That is how you begin to bounce back to becoming a better person.

4. Practicing Emotional Intelligence

When you are at your lowest point, emotions always run high, making you bitter and toxic to the poor innocent chaps around you. That shouldn’t be you.

Learn to manage the damaging flood of emotions that lurk around and keep your head sober because things will get better eventually.

Emotional intelligence is all about managing your emotions and those of the people around you. You will bounce back faster this way. Yes! I hope you haven’t given up yet.

5. Don’t Stop Dreaming

The fact that you wanted to give up before shouldn’t make you stop pursuing your dreams. The difference between where you are today and where you will be tomorrow is time.

Take one step at a time and use the power of your imagination to visualize a great future before you. What you can conceive you can achieve if you commit your time to execution.

Wrap Up

Life is a journey with several chapters. Some chapters will leave you cursing and blaming everybody, while others will make you feel happier and a winner.

How you handle the low moments is what determines how you move forward. The easiest thing to do when at the lowest point is to give up.

Unfortunately, this is never the best option for you. Use the tips above to bounce from any setback that will make you want to give up in life.

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