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Hey winner, I created Motivation Parlour for changing and transforming your life. However, if you have transformed your life or look forward to it, you can also get published.

Just how would life be without the mundane issues that you keep worrying about every day. Whether you are in

  • An abusive, boring, and toxic relationship.
  • A frustrating low-paying and unsatisfying job.
  • Living in a troubled neighborhood full of noise, shit, and every evil unimaginable.
  • Not having a delightful time with your family and feeling like left out.
  • Feeling a sucker because of everything that you are failing at
  • Broken, poor, and no source of income at all.
  • You have lost a loved one because of a pandemic.

This is the right place you want to be. I’m not saying I will make your problems disappear in the next 48 hrs. But you will come out from here full of energy, enthusiastic and positive, ready to take on life again.

Outreach Call

Motivation Parlour is not for me alone, but you too. And that’s why I’m giving you an opportunity to get published. I care not so much what you have gone through, but I care so much about the person you have become.

The world cares less about the storms but whether you bring the ship home.

We are not doing this for us but the many souls out there who need a word of encouragement and positivity.

Think of the homeless and hunger-stricken street urchin you passed by this evening? What word would you have for them if given an opportunity?

Your friend who was abused by someone he/she trusted. I’m sure there is something you can share with them that can revive their spirits back.

You and I can do something. I’m inviting you to be a contributor to this blog with your success story. What story of your life have you hacked and feel you can encourage others from it.

You have one?


Lets check the guidelines below that can get you published.

Here are guidelines to consider when submitting a success story:

  1. Relate it to a personal experience that you had a breakthrough. That means readers can be able to draw valuable lessons from your post.
  2. Though not a must almost always, make your post pragmatic and actionable.
  3. It should range between 800 – 1200 words.
  4. Write with a good command of English and zero errors in grammar.
  5. Avoid prose, be concise, and to the point while using brief paragraphs of 3-4 sentences.
  6. You can create links back to your blog (for bloggers) in your post.
  7. Make your post original and avoid plagiarism at all costs. The content you submit should not be published anywhere else, including your own blog.
  8. Be open to revisions if reached out to by our editors.
  9. Aim to motivate and inspire.
  10. You can submit posts on the following categories: Parenting, teenagehood, love and relationships, success tips, purpose, career and calling, change in life, Happiness and fulfillment, forgiveness, Healthy Habits, Drugs, and substance abuse.

On the flip side, if you want us to schedule an interview with you, you can reach out to me directly via [email protected] or Skype Job Kiniale for a one-one talk, Alternatively, you can reach out to us via our contact form below.

So, how do you submit a post?

  1. Send your post as a Microsoft word document to [email protected]
  2. Include a recent photo and a short bio about yourself – That is if you want your photo to feature on your bio
  3. You will receive a response within three working days.
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