the daily success habits of the wealthy individuals

The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals

I do not know much about you, but I can say without a doubt or fear of contradiction that you are always thinking about money.

Sometimes you want to run to your creditors, who are your only friends when you need them most but become bullies the moment you renege on your end of the bargain.

How about a marriage on the verge of a breakup because the man, the breadwinner, lost his job, and his spouse wants to hear none of it?

The world over, people are grappling with the issues of poverty and yearning for riches. Historians have always painted Africa as a dark continent with all the problems in the world. However, the same issues in Africa are the same in Asia, Europe, South America, and other continents. Every country has its own class of the rich and poor.

10 Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals

Therefore, it is good for once to deconstruct the subject of wealth and try to find out what are the daily success habits of wealthy individuals that the poor majority have no idea about or simply know but would like a wake-up call from their life slumber.

1. They are not expecting lottery money from somewhere whatsoever

While the betting and lottery companies are making quick money on betting diehards, wealthy individuals take pride in putting their money into profitable investment vehicles such as hedge funds, stocks, and bonds.

In this case, both the gambler and the wealthy individual are taking risks, but the difference is one is gambling while the other is investing.

Five years later, one is choking with debts while the other owns properties out of his home country. Guess whom between the two.

2. They Exercise

In an interview with FourHourBodyPress, Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic Airways billionaire, said, “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping it fit,” This, according to him, keeps the brain functioning well.

Unfortunately, for the lazy majority, exercising to them is like another punishment from the pits of hell.

Many successful, wealthy individuals are known to maintain a consistent fitness routine that includes morning runs, gym visits, stretching, and swimming, among other exercises.

Despite their busy schedules that involve a flurry of meetings, reading emails, and inspecting projects, they will always create time to exercise.

On the contrary, most idlers hardly think about exercising but would rather sleep or daydream all day long.

3. They control their emotions

As the old adage goes, -Think before you leap; a key daily success habit of the wealthy individual is to listen before they speak. Furthermore, they do not speak everything they think about.

While the masses may complain about bad weather, poor roads, a bad economy, and almost everything, the wealthy know how to keep their mouths shut.

Megan Totka, the author at Small Business Trends, says, “Loose lips are a habit for 69% of those who struggle financially”. Conversely, 94% of the wealthy speak when they are rational, sober, and calm.

4. Wealthy individuals network

You have heard the saying, ‘Your network is your net worth” Well, it is the hard truth for you, unfortunately. The wealthy just know how to do that.

Rather than spend all of their time discussing the match between Chelsea and AC Roma or trending political topics, the wealthy will also talk about their business interests with acquaintances while seeking new opportunities that may come to the front.

This will likely end with them exchanging contacts and setting up appointments later. Use social events as an opportunity to network instead of wasting it on empty gossip about your neighbor next door filing for a divorce.

5. They wake up early

Waking up early is one of the daily success habits of wealthy individuals. They understand that to hit deadlines and outdo long-hour meetings; they have to put their lives in order with proper time management, which means waking up early.

Waking up early before the sun rises helps you to take control over your day and do one or two things before the daily normal routine sets in, and you have to join the rat race.

6. Wealthy individuals set aside self-limiting beliefs that hold them back

What are your self-limiting beliefs? Do you believe that your lack of education denies you riches, or is it your lack of motivation and enthusiasm?

Whatever your self-limiting beliefs, maybe the wealthy have learned to conquer theirs.

In one of his best sellers, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says that you do not attract positive things into your life by thinking about their opposites.

This is certainly true as negative thinking leads to negative feelings, attitudes, and negative behavior. Get out of your self-limiting beliefs by having daily positive affirmations about your life.

There is great power in listening to yourself uttering such positive words about your life.

7. They live within their means

The daily success habits of wealthy individuals involve living within their means. They have learned over time, with a lot of self-discipline, how to master their money.

By the wealthy mastering their money, it means that they pay themselves first and avoid overspending the remaining amount. For example, a wealthy individual will save 10 or 20% of his net income and live on 80% of their income.

Regrettably, many of us have failed to be disciplined enough to control our impulses. In a bid to compete with your high-flying neighbor, you cleared your bank account to buy the latest BMW to satisfy your ego or prove your worth.

Sadly, for you, this takes you several steps back from exercising power and authority over your money. In essence, your money is actually pulling the strings for you.

8. They spread their beds

Randall Bell, a socio-economist, studied and analyzed unique characteristics that define the daily success habits of wealthy individuals. Bell concluded that whatever you do on daily basis matters.

Simple routine tasks such as spreading your bed in the morning could make the difference between a highly successful individual and a loser. Bell says, “Those who do their chores and make their living space tidier tend to make more money.”

Bell argues that spreading your bed in the morning puts you into a high-performing mindset.

Another author by the name Charles Duhigg also backs up Bell’s findings. Duhigg in his bestseller “The Power of Habit,” says that making your bed every day in the morning correlates with better productivity and a greater sense of well-being and puts you in a better position to stick with a budget.

So, do you make your bed every morning? Sounds funny, right? However, it could just make the difference in helping you to get what you have been longing for in life.

9. Wealthy individuals rarely watch TV but study

According to a study by Thomas Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, many high net worth individuals hardly watch TV.

In fact, only 67% of them watch television utmost 1 hour a day.

Rather than spend a large share of their day glued to a screen, a wealthy individual will keep himself busy with books. According to Corley’s findings, 88% of wealthy individuals read self-improvement topics for at least 30 minutes daily.

According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, loves to read books and is said to read at least 50 books in a year.

10. Wealthy individuals set goals and not wishes

I bet you have many wishes right now. One of them could be to travel overseas may be to the UK or the United States of America. How about goals? Do you have any?

One of the daily success habits of wealthy individuals is to set goals, unlike many who have mere wishful thinking. They set goals in their minds and put them down in writing. This is the first step of turning their thoughts into what is physical.

According to John Rampton, an entrepreneur and connector, “95% of the successful achievers I have interviewed practice writing down their goals, plans or visions for success on a regular basis.”

They do this most preferably at night before the next day.

Cultivate the habit of setting goals and following them through to completion.

Wrap Up

Adapt to the successful habits of the wealthy to change your mindset and routine and kick poverty out of your life. Habits form part of our second nature, and it is good to learn from those who have gone ahead of us and mastered the art of making money.

No pain, no gain. Carol Burnett talks about change and says, “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” Strive to change your life by adapting to wealthy individuals’ above-given daily success habits for a better financial future.

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