Father’s Responsibility


Where did Father’s Miss the Mark? The question is not rhetorical. It needs answers. What is the father’s responsibility? Because many sons and daughters in society today lack fatherhood love. On a local television program, I listened with empathy as young people lamented about the lack of a father figure in their lives.                                            … Read more

What you Need to Know in Parenting Teenagers

raising a teenager

Parenting teenagers is very demanding. It’s not a surprise that most parents fear the teenage years in their kids. It’s always a time of intense growth in their lives. They are growing physically, intellectually, and emotionally. That makes them more curious. Your teen now has the increasing desire to be addressed as an adult. They … Read more

7 Ways to Discipline your Child without Provoking them

discipline your child

Discipline is a substantial key when raising your child. The forms of discipline determine how the child’s attitude will come out once he grows up. Many parents around the world discipline their children according to how their own parents disciplined them. Parents and guardians should stop this mistake. We should discipline in the smartest way … Read more

Child Discipline: How should Millennial Parents Discipline their Children?

Child discipline is a key factor that most parents think of when they are raising their kids. It is a key factor in that parents can remove obnoxious behavior among children as they grow up. Similarly, child discipline also shields society from the chaos that children who did not gain discipline at an early age … Read more

Chronicles of a Sunday School Teacher

It is enjoyable to be some kind of teacher. How about being a Sunday school teacher? Whether a teacher in school, church, or the lecture halls, you have hundreds and thousands of kids paying keen attention to you. They are eager to know whether the content they are listening to is worth their time and … Read more

Why Age is an Important Factor to Consider in Women’s Fertility

  Picture this, you are a woman in your early 20’s, busy pursuing your career ambitions. As age beckons, you want to settle down with your life partner and raise a family. Well, better not delay the transition to a marriage and family. Research over time has proven that a woman’s fertility depreciates with age. … Read more

How to Build a Strong Reading Culture in Your Life

  Two days ago while talking to a sales and marketing acquaintance, he lamented to me how reading culture had waned among the middle working class. Probably, the reason behind this could be the demand that comes with an office job. Besides, their reading culture may not have been developed properly during their tender ages. … Read more

How to handle your School Going kid during the COVID-19 Holiday

school going kid

School going kids are all over home right now in most countries in the world. And most parents are feeling the heat and cold of having them around.  The COVID-19 virus struck in China in November 2019. Spread to Europe and the U.S fast developing into a pandemic the world over. The pandemic has spared … Read more