5 Things to Do When You Feel a Failure in Life

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I’m not sure I want to write about this but deep inside I feel there is a soul out that there that needs some fuelling words to soldier on. That soul could be me or you. The word failure in itself is scary, unwanted and attracts no admiration but sympathy and shame.

In your life right now, you could be having this feeling because of one reason or the other but you need not put yourself down or remain in that fallen state.  Life needs to be understood as a journey and not a destination. If you understand life as a journey, well and good because that means you are privy to the fact that a journey is never smooth all through but around comes bumpy and meandering roads.

However, if you understand it as a destination, the bumpy rides along won’t make any sense to you and that means you will walk in negativity, misery, and hopelessness but luckily for you in every Alpha there is always an Omega unless you choose to remain in that situation.

If you are feeling that broken, stuck and way below your peers in life then you need to try this out:

  1. Read God’s Word

Reading the Bible has many benefits to your soul that you will come to understand later when you get deep into reading it. From it comes revelation of God’s will over your life, hope over tough situations in your life, an answer for every single situation surrounding your life.

You will read about the story of the Israelites, that despite being God’s chosen people they failed God in many ways, were given unto their enemies, exiled, afflicted but they still remained to be God’s people and God restored them promising them a future and hope. You are not any different because, despite the bumpy ride at the moment, there is a future and a hope for you.

  1. Be Inspired by those Who Have Overcome Your Challenge

Hope is a word so simple yet difficult to understand especially when you are at the bottom of the totem pole.

At the bottom, everything seems to be bleak, lifeless and stagnant. That said, it is extremely difficult for someone to understand it when he or she is facing that huge mountain to climb, a financial or emotional struggle.

However, you can find inspiration in those who have conquered the same battles. For instance, there are those who have gone through a stream of bad marriages and failed severely. But later on, they were able to learn from their failures to the point of becoming marriage counselors themselves.

There are those who have broken the bad habits you are struggling with right now. Find inspiration in them and soldier on.

  1. Read autobiographies of Great World Leaders

We all know that being a leader comes with a great responsibility of leading people. People look up to you for guidance, direction and rely entirely on your wisdom and leadership skills. Leaders, therefore, whether by chance or choice face difficult situations in their career and life that may devastate them too many times.

Case in point is Abraham Lincoln, a onetime US president who went through a stream of failures in business, politics and his personal life before clinching the seat of the most powerful nation on earth.

  1. Know your Failures and Face Them

It is said that successful people take 100% responsibility for what happens to them. Therefore, for life to move forward you have to take action by facing your failures and knowing them for what they are and subsequently laying down a plan to overcome them.

The world does not recognize victims of life or those who play victims to life but heroes and those who have conquered storms in life to bring the ship back home. If it is a financial struggle or overcoming your debts, you need to know all the debts you owe from the smallest to the highest and lay down a plan to clear them as soon as possible. As one author put it if you find yourself in a hole stop digging.

  1. Tell Yourself it’s Never too Late

In this voyage called life, the word late is allowed to be relative clearly because one’s lateness maybe another person’s timeliness.

Actually, the point is that everyone operates in their own time zone and your peer owning a company at 25 does not mean something could be wrong with you. However hard you may have worked or tried hard, it is not yet the time to give up but to persist even more because it’s never too late.

Your dream house or company could just be around the corner. If you are still young and energetic, take comfort in the fact that you still have the time to work hard and achieve your goals.


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Destined for Greatness? 10 Signs you are

destined for greatness

Well, I don’t know about you. But the fact is we are all destined for greatness. Yes! You read me right.

Life on many levels has not encouraged us to see the seeds of greatness we carry. We seem to walk in an oblivious state of the blind side of greatness we possess.

You need to realize that you are not alone in this. Many others know they have a feeling of greatness in them and are trying to find it out.

Some have been born of rich parents. Some have been born with unimaginable talents. Still on the same not, some have been born intelligent and with outstanding character. In all these arrays of things, everyone carries a seed of greatness in them. Yes. Very true.

And therefore, these lead to the 10 crystal clear signs that you carry a great destiny.

1. You Don’t Fear to Dream Big 

Some say dreams are just dreams, but show me a person who does not dream? If not, I will show you a person on the verge of extinction.

Great civilizations and revolutions in the world have been born on the mere platform of dreaming.

By all means, possibly dare to dream big than your reality because in dreaming lies a seed of greatness.

2. You are Destined for Greatness if you Never Stop Learning 

A degree is just a percentage of knowledge. In no way does it give you a ticket to put your brain on auto-pilot mode.

That said, it is important to know that people destined for greatness never stop learning. Safaricom, the Kenya giant telecommunication network had a Ksh 55.3  Billion in the year ended March 2018.

The late Bob Collymore was at the helm then. Bob never had a University degree. Nevertheless, he kept learning.

You can learn virtually everything without a degree if you have a hunger for knowledge.

3. You are Destined for Greatness when you Build Great Relationships

Relationships are the hallmarks of human living. As the old saying goes, no man is an island no matter how introverted you could be.

Learning to be open-minded, listening, and respecting other people’s point of view is important. 

Knowing how to live right with people is key. Understanding human psychology means you are destined for greatness. 

Out of these human relationships emerge great networks. Also, remember that your network is your net worth.

4. Your Third Name is Persistence

Even in the face of adversity and life misfortunes, you can bounce back. You can prove the world wrong.

If this fits you, be sure you are a  candidate for greatness.

History is dotted with award-winning movie stars and celebrities who never imagined they would go beyond the theatre stage.

Today, they gross our TV screens. It’s only persistence that can define how far they have come.

5. You Want to be Your Own Boss

You may be an employee that is good and committed to achieving your company’s core values.

However, that has not prevented you from pursuing your own interests and ambitions in life. Maybe you want to start an online business

With the same energy levels, you give your employer, you also put in the effort in pushing forward your passions and ambitions.

6. You Always Want to be Different 

John F. Kennedy, former President of the United States said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” 

The moment you accept the status quo, it points to a man who has just killed his seeds of greatness.

One true mark of greatness lies in daily taking a step to challenge your life mentally, spiritually, and in all ways possible.

7. You Have One Thing You are Willing to Die for 

“If you haven’t found something you are willing to die for, you aren’t fit to live.” Martin Luther King Jr.

I wouldn’t agree more with the aforementioned quote. Terrorists thrive in their illegal operations because they have found the one thing to die for.

The same extends to you and me. Once you have found the one thing you are willing to die for, you are destined for greatness.

8. You Have no Attachment to Material Things 

You know how to control your worldly desires and that means living frugally.

Okay, I have the newest Subaru model, but losing it doesn’t mean life will be boring.

Your ability to detach yourself from material things in a world where everybody wants to flaunt about their new Rolex or latest BMW in town shows the seeds of greatness you carry.

9. You Have Room for Randomness

Sometimes the best things in life have happened not because of proper planning and timing but sheer randomness.

You wake up one morning with a written to-do list on what to accomplish for the day. Funny enough, your friend shows up at your doorstep and asks that you accompany him to a social event.

Well, it just never turns out to be a social event. Actually, you happen to also find the one who becomes your soulmate. 

10. You are Optimistic 

Using scripture in the Bible as an analogy to this point, Luke 6:45 in part says that, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Anyone negative on the inside will definitely speak words that are negative. The same is true for one who is positive on the inside.

Ever met someone who made you want to write points every time he or she spoke? If yes, then you know what I mean.

Unleash your seeds of greatness because you are destined for greatness!

Bottom Line 

Do you want to know if you are destined for greatness? Well, you just read about what makes you one. In fact, you already are and this post serves to confirm the fact that you are. Guard your mind and stay positive against all negative forces in life. Safe journey to your great destiny. 

No Need to Try Hard Solving the Puzzles, Just Let Life Unfold

pensive woman
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Life like a paradox is one big puzzle that makes you a smile at the beginning of the day and maybe sad at the end. The opposite is also true.

Not once or twice, you will find yourself in situations where all seems stuck and life has nothing better to offer other than a myriad of losses, bad news, and relationships that go south.

At times, the best you can do is to be still and let the chapters of your life unfold without much drama. However, you are the C.E.O of your life and you can make that choice at your discretion.

Problems are part and parcel of our lives and how we handle one problem says a lot about our character and what we are made of and more so how we shall handle the next phase of challenges.

Each new day, we rise up with big dreams, a mountain of hopes and our expectations hitting the roof. On the contrary, the day bids us bye without you or me realizing all of our expectations for the day.

Maybe you looked forward to receiving a phone call about a job interview that the panel members were all smiling at you and everything seemed to have worked perfectly well but no call came through. Or maybe your romantic interest took you on a date that ended up having no chance for a second date. Yes, it has happened so many times to so many people and you are not the first one.

How about that business that you have worked hard on to make it grow but ends just don’t seem to meet yet. No profits, low sales records, narrow customer base, nothing to celebrate but only regrets about pumping your money into a sinking ship.

Still, you may have checked your mail only to find a regret email from your potential business partner or employer.

Most of  these life events, unfortunately, strike with no formula and come when you least expect them and when you eagerly hoped for the best.

However, at such a point in time, you need to realize that shifting blame or pointing a finger at a situation, event or person is not the best idea.

Your mind could also go wild and cloud you with all the wrong reasons why life is not working as you would want it to and all seems to be on a downward spiral.

You might want to drink yourself crazy in a bid to calm your nerves and ease the pressure for a while but that too will not let you off the hook.

This is the time in your life when you may appear to be a lone ranger with a few friends and unseen enemies. Your calls for help and sympathy may bounce back and give you no breakthrough at all.

You may wish the angel of death to drop from the heavens like lightning and cut short your life in an instant but you will close your eyes, weep, wish and pray only to open them again still functioning and feeling your breathing rhythm.

“The gods have conspired against me”, you will say in anguish. You will listen to all the soothing songs you can find and try find solace in them but that still may not solve one or all of your puzzles but at least you will feel better for a moment.

However, the universe will care not about the problems you will whine and shout to the world but only when you conquer them.

The secret lies in being tough and strong when life least expects you to and not to fret at any life challenging event nor find solace in superficial avenues but remain still and wait for more of your life chapters to unfold because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Run with me












Turn the Negatives thrown at You into Positives


According to psychology, human beings have a way of defending themselves against negative or bad feelings. Some choose to live in denial, others will use projection while others will choose to be irrational. Still, others will use misplaced aggression to feel better about themselves.

For sure, nobody under the sun is immune to life problems and challenges that keep recurring. I need not tell you that they are never going to stop anytime sooner. While you may want to know everything that happens, sometimes you are better off not knowing everything. It is not only about better and sweet but sometimes bitter sometimes sweet. Have you ever tried picturing your life without challenges?

Challenges are Necessary

Visualize yourself waking up one morning to an already set breakfast table. And you do not need to work because the government is providing everything for you. Yours is to eat, sleep, play and watch TV. Besides, the government is footing all your bills including your leisurely activities. Now picture yourself living this kind of life for a year. Where is the sense of accomplishment or achievement? What can you look about your life and feel proud of yourself? I would say nothing.

Life is full of both positives and negatives in equal measure. When we encounter positives, we live life to the fullest and celebrate over and over, however, when negatives hit us, many of us do not have the mental stamina to withstand the pressure.

Overcoming the Negatives

Therefore, one important skill that will do you well in life is to have a mindset that will shock absorb the many storms you will need to wither in life.

For instance, one of the common negativities we experience in our daily lives are insults, mockery and bad news from the people around us. Interestingly, the people throwing the negatives at you, in most cases are hurting too and they will project their frustrations on you. He or she could be in a bad relationship and will want to paint a picture of you being the cause of his or her relationship problems. At one time I sat close to a lady who remarked that all men are dogs! Probably, she was hurting from a relationship that turned sour. But you will be surprised to learn that few months down the line she got into a relationship with a man. Some men have also called women demons but still, live with them under one roof.

You need not react on such situations whatsoever but respond. When reacting you will use more of your emotions and are likely to cause yourself and the other person more harm, however, when you respond, you respond with reason and an objective disposition, therefore, calming down the situation.

Misplaced Aggression

Furthermore, many people use misplaced aggression as a technique to feel better or recover from their bad feelings. For example, Samantha gets quarreled by her mother for waking up late and therefore getting late to school. Well, Samantha does not react or respond to her mother but when she gets to school she vents her anger and pain on her desk mate and other schoolmates. Did her schoolmates really deserve the treatment? No! But Samantha is feeling better now.

If you approach the above-mentioned incidence, with this knowledge in mind, you will realize that there is no point of fighting fire with fire but be objective and understand the other person’s disposition, in this case, Samantha.

You Have the Power

Lucia had badly hurt her close friend Eunice with terrible insults about her body. As result, Eunice was deeply wounded and was sobbing uncontrollably. Well, if you have been on the receiving end of any kind of negative words, you know it is not easy to swallow such words. Such words could come from the person you call your best friend, your boss, your spouse, colleague or parent. However, we have the willpower in us to choose how we want to feel about the situation. My best shot is, rather than shut up and brood later over the negatives thrown at you, counter such negative attacks with positives.

Personal Experience

I remember at one point, I was enjoying some good music and singing the song as it played along. But it turned out that my neighbor was not very comfortable with my voice and so he remarked that I should shut up because my voice is hoarse and terrible. Well, I responded immediately on a lighter note and told him “You are wrong! That was a sweet angelic voice you were listening to” We all burst out laughing. Funny enough is the fact that I was able to neutralize the tense situation as fast as it came.

As the proverbial quote goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Have a positive day.

How to Find Strength in Tough Times


You have heard the saying that when the going gets tough get tougher. If you have ever undergone a hardship period in your life, you know that it is not very easy to overcome. That is the time when only a handful of people you know in your life may pick up your call. At worst, you might be shunned by friends and walk as a lone ranger.

Tough situations could occur in our lives because of many reasons. Some could be self-inflicted, some could occur as a result of accidents in our lives or human error. Tough times could also occur because of reasons or situations beyond our control like the death of a loved one.

Examples of Tough Times in Our Lives

What do you think could make life tough? Here are some examples of tough times in our lives:

  • When lacking basic needs or one of the basic needs in your life
  • Loss or lack of a job
  • A failing business.
  • When unable to pay your debts
  • A failed relationship or marriage
  • When suffering from a chronic disease
  • When facing death or the loss of a loved one
  • When feeling weak and helpless
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling unworthy with no sense of achievement

Whether you have undergone a tough situation in your life or not, one thing we have to accept is that the world is not a very safe and fair place to be. Some break the law and walk scot free while others get convicted. The poor get poorer as the rich get richer.

However, your attitude towards your tough situation in life is what will determine whether you will come out of the tough situation tougher or weaker and on the verge of death.

How do People Handle Tough Times

People handle tough times differently. Some ways in which people handle tough times include:

  • Drinking themselves silly to forget their problems
  • Taking narcotics such as cocaine
  • Living in denial
  • Crying
  • Avoiding company with people and staying a loner
  • Calling a close friend, priest or pastor
  • Staying moody and getting angry at everybody
  • Praying
  • Committing suicide

While most of the ways listed may offer you some relief over a hardship period in your life, not all will work for your good. Actually, some ways will sink you deeper into tougher times than you already are. So what way or ways can only work for our good when facing tough times in our lives? Accept that you are limited as a human being and depend on a higher power. In the case of a Christian call upon the living God.

Action Steps

  • If faced with a situation where you feel unworthy and unable, tell yourself you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13)
  • When lacking something in your life, speak to yourself about the word of God regarding his provision over your life. (Phil. 4:19)
  • When fearful because of your enemies, remind yourself of God’s protection in his word. (Psalms 23:4)
  • When facing defeat, know that the Lord will lead you to triumph. (2 Corinthians 2:14)
  • When lacking the faith to trust in his word and his promises over your life, tell yourself that the Lord has allotted you a measure of faith.(Romans 12:3)
  • When feeling depressed, know that the compassion and mercy of the Lord are there for you. (Lamentations 3:21-23)
  • When feeling weak know that God is the strength of your life (Psalms 27:1)
  • When facing death or loss of a loved one, have trust in God. (Prov. 3:5)
  • When in sickness or ailing remind God of his healing in his word. (1 Peter 2: 24)

Well, if your beliefs about God are different, this action steps may not work out for you but you could give them a try. Confessing his words in your life will not make you feel better instantly, but will be help you find strength in overcoming tough times in your life ultimately helping you to overcome the tough time.

Tough times could just be the keys we need for a happy life.

Are you going through a tough time in your life right now? How are you handling it?

5 Ways to Stay Positive in 2020

stay positive

Can you even stay positive?

You aren’t even living your dreams yet. How can you?

We face a pandemic right now that has kept us locked in our homes.

Can we still embrace positivity?

You all know the saying that when life hands you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade.

Well, it is easier said than done. How about the negative situations, behaviors, thoughts and experiences you face in your daily life? Do you turn them into positives or you immerse yourself in a sea of negativity?

It is very easy and almost natural to be positive when everything in your life is good.

So, how does a good life look like?

You’re meeting your goals, your wallet is growing fatter every new day, you are full of health and surrounded by caring loved ones. Right?

Conversely, being positive in the face of negativity is one hell of a mountain to climb. How are you expected to be positive when you have a sick spouse in the hospital?

Still, how are you expected to be positive when you are broke, hungry and cannot even afford three square meals in a day?

It becomes even more difficult to tell a graduate to be positive about life when they have gone round in search of a job for months without success.

There you are! Trying hard to make your business work but ends somehow just can’t meet. From the lazy and sly staff to poor sales and low profits, negativity snaps the joy of life away from you.

So how are we expected to be positive when we are being hit left and right with negativity?

From the negative clergyman to the negative conductor on the road, we also meet people who are outrightly negative and only make us negative. Not at all.

Actually, no one expects you to be positive or negative. It is none of their damn business, it yours.

The world is full of negativity in equal measure as positivity and it’s upon us to make the choice on whether to dwell on the positive or negative. Let me not blame the world, you need to look at your own life and you will be surprised to notice the negatives on you. Have you noticed how you belch loudly? What about the large tummy that you don’t enjoy looking at? Okay, you know you are quiet and reserved and you hate yourself for it.

When we constantly focus on our negatives, we register negative mental states in our subconscious minds.

Anytime you get confronted with a strange situation or circumstance, you condition your mind to point out the negatives before the positives.

Have you ever realized how negative people complain about everything? If not, the weather today is bad it will be the waiter was disrespectful. If not, am bored today it will be the food today is tasteless.

Being mentally positive can be actually hard if you are accustomed to looking at a glass as half empty.

However, with much practice, perseverance and patience, you could just be on your way to be the most positive person you have ever met.

For example, let us say you are used to viewing news as always bad news.

So every news hour you switch off the TV because you have the skewed notion that news is always bad.

Well, maybe you will need to test your perception and understanding of what makes up bad news? Besides, you could start watching sermons and your favorite music if at all you find them positive.

What about your negative views towards the current regime? Could you just change your negative mentality a little and start being a fair judge here? It is actually so negative to only point at the ills of an individual institution or government without recognizing their achievements.

For you to cultivate that positive mentality it is important to make the step of recognizing the good in every opportunity, person or situation you deem bad.

So how should we handle negativity?

Just like learning any other virtue, being positive is also a character that you can learn.

Therefore, the only way out of negativity is to stay positive at all times. One reason is that you will never ever chase all the negative people from your life and neither will you avoid them in totality.

Somehow the people close to you could be negative. Rather than try to avoid them appreciate the good in them.

Here are five tips I use to fight negativity

  1. I Accept Who I am

A long time ago as a teenager I would feel terrible about my muscle size and how short they compared me to my peers. However, I grew into a youth and realized I could just be as sizeable as any other person. This all began when I started accepting myself the way I am.

So do you feel a flaw in you could make you uncomfortable? To be sincere with you, every single one of us has a flaw. What makes the difference is the fact that some have accepted who they are with their flaws and have moved on to other pertinent issues in life.

A person who focuses on his/her flaws only magnifies and makes them even more pronounced in their mind.

Focusing on your flaws only serves to kill yourself-esteem, kill your self-confidence and make you less productive in life. Putting you in not a very good disposition to attract success in your life.

To be positive in life, stop focusing on your flaws and focus on your strengths. Everyone has strengths. This explains why interviewers usually ask a prospective employee about their strengths because they know they have some.

  1. I Share My Positivity with Others

Basing on the Law of Cause and Effect, I highly encourage sharing out your positivity with others.

This law also referred to as Karma states that whatever you send into the universe comes back. If you send out negativity, you get back negativity. Conversely, if you send out positivity, is what you will get.

I am made to understand that such laws never err. It just the same concept when the Bible talks about reaping what you sow.

If you sleep more today, you will sleep hungry tomorrow. No shortcuts! No magic! The same concept is clearly showed by an echo sound. It only echoes what you say and nothing else.

And so how do I share out my positivity with others? I compliment them when they look good. I chat continuously in a Whatsapp group that is always dormant and silent.

I notice the good things around me and admire them for what they are; the sparkling VX V8 speeding past me, the artistically designed bungalow across the street, the smartly dressed young man nearby. The list is endless.

Apart from just complimenting, I also share my positivity with others by encouraging those who feel life is over for them or life is unfair, rather. This I do via this blog and the many individuals I interact with.

You need to realize that by you encouraging others you make them have a positive outlook on life and subsequently you never remain the same but also change to be like them.

  1. I start My Day in Positive Like Let’s Say Listening to My Favorite Music

Sometimes I may wake up confused and full of fearful thoughts. However, all that changes in an instant when I play my favorite music.

How you start your day counts a lot in how you will handle the negatives that will get to you during the day.

Imagine yourself quarreling with your wife as the first thing when you wake up. The rest of the day won’t just flow.

Your productive energy is already sapped through the quarrel and you will view every other encounter on negative glasses.

Your subordinates at your place of work could have it rough that day.

One other way I start my day positive is to start with a morning devotion where I study the word of God and pray. Here are some simple truths about a morning devotion using God’s word:

  1. It builds your faith as a Christian
  2. It heals your physical and emotional pain
  3. It fights the enemies in your life, including works of the devil
  4. It builds your character
  5. It brings  hope

There is no doubt about the positive power of good music and a morning devotion to your life.

  1. I Try as Much as I Possible to Live in the Present

Living in the present is one sure way of letting go every fear that creeps up on you from failures of the past and anxieties of the future.

I live in the moments by taking a walk through nature and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of moving wind. I also live at the moment by appreciating the things I have in life instead of worrying about what I do not have.

Sadly, a conversation with friends or a TV commercial could kill this disposition in you, such that you become empty and a low achiever when TV commercials project a life of class and wealth that yours does not compare to.

Adding on to your negative state is when you worry about your future and thinking of the things you do not have and what you are supposed to achieve.

Too many of us have stolen the joy out of our lives by worrying about our future.

For instance, you will come across a young person worrying about the man or woman they will get married to. Their health, their finances and many other things.

Well, not that we should not live in the present but it is healthier, positive and less of an effort to live at the moment than constantly think about your future.

Some successes in your life happened randomly, without even your planning.

  1. I Choose to be Open-Minded

By being open-minded means I will consider new ideas. Whether I embrace them depends on my core values as a person and more so as a child of God.

However, sometimes being narrowly minded can be a big cause of negativity in our lives.

We value more who we are and what we know to the point of refusing to acknowledge any new idea or information contrary to what we already know.

For instance, a Christian who firmly believes in the word of God and full of faith might get agitated when he or she meets an atheist who tells him or her there is no God.

However, they only needed to acknowledge that not everyone is saved and not everyone believes in God.

That makes a hell lot of a difference and make them feel more positive than negative about the experience.

To be positive in life, be open-minded and accept that in your journey through life you will meet so many people who will oppose your absolute truth about life and yourself. If you are open-minded you will approach such encounters with positivity rather than negativity.

Final Thoughts

What are you negative about?

  1. Is it your current job?
  2. COVID-19 pandemic?
  3. Sickness?
  4. Your spouse?
  5. Your child?
  6. Your mother-in-law?
  7. The government?
  8. Yourself?
  9. Your lack of employment?

The list is endless. Whatever situation that makes you feel negative train yourself to only see the positive in situations and other people.

Soon, you will be on your way to being a positive person in life.


My Personal Story about Making Money Online


In one of the blog posts, I shared here, I listed a number of ways youths or the unemployed could beat the skyrocketing unemployment levels in Kenya.

Well, today I want to focus on one of the ways listed namely online jobs in which youths can use to overcome lack of jobs in Kenya.

“A good player they say plays where the ball is, but a great player moves where the ball will go next” Adapted from Be Inspired Before You Expire by Pepe Minambo

If the above quote is anything to go by, then you seriously need to consider launching an online business or going chest front into freelance writing and transcription services. This is because the internet is more vibrant, lively and social than ever before in the history of humanity.

Back in college, while still a third-year student, there was much hype and talk about online writing jobs. At the time, I did not pay so much attention to the whole story until when I visited a coursemate and found one of his roommates busy on his laptop.

On further inquiry, it dawned on me that the guy was actually writing a 500-word article worth $2 on iWriter. The laggard in me died that very moment.

With no standard desktop to launch my writing career, I borrowed a laptop from a close friend and got cracking. However, down the line, my sudden burst of zeal and energy just dissipated. I could not bring myself to write a 500-word article on a given keyword within 3 hours. I shut down the laptop in frustration and that was the end of the story.

More discouraging, was the fact that I was riddled with fears and worries of losing on my coursework.Besides, my meager pocket money could not allow me to purchase the much-needed bundles for researching the article to be written. I would worry more about food than anything.

Towards the end of 2015, I met a good lawyer friend, who was running a personal blog hosted by Blogspot. All I knew about blogging was the name blog. On further discussion with let us call him Tony, I opened a free WordPress account on WordPress. As they say the rest history.

I am yet to make good money like the big boys and girls in blogging but I must say I feel proud of myself for coming this far. Furthermore, I have the surety in me that I will make it with persistence, time-framed goals and the right strategy in my blogging venture.

Writing in itself is not rocket science but can be an uphill task for a novice. On the contrary,  no one was born a writer and you can always learn on the job. Here are the basic qualities of a good writer:

  • You are an avid reader
  • You have memorable imagination
  • You pay attention to detail
  • You love writing and it is a passion in you
  • You have good grammar and punctuation skills
  • You have a knack for observing things and people

Towards the end of 2016, a year after leaving college, and after having gone around looking for a job for some time, I gave freelance writing a try again. While searching for online jobs, I bumped into a site called Upwork.

Upwork is a global freelancing platform that connects business clients with independent professionals who are commonly known as freelancers. These independent professionals include programmers, web developers, writers, virtual assistants among others.

Freelancing is considered more of a business than a job because you are not tied to one client for the rest of your freelancing career. You could be dealing with more than three clients or more at ago who will terminate your contract once your done working for them. A contract could be as short as few hours or as long as 6 months or more.

Initially, I gave Upwork a try in vain. My Upwork profile was rejected not twice and not thrice. I was getting frustrated and on the verge of giving up until  I met a mentor and trainer in Walter Akolo

Prior to meeting Walter, I made some silly decisions including blowing up $100 in online scams that promise riches within a short period of time. Most of these scams disguised themselves as network marketing platforms but were mere pyramid schemes that left you pocket dry and crying for your hard-earned money gone too soon.

After subscribing to Walter’s mailing list, I kept receiving steamy email posts from Walter on the ins and outs of online jobs. Needless to say, he awakened in me the burning desire and potential to make money online.

At that time, I was still running this blog and earning peanuts from wordAds.

After enrolling and getting trained online by one of the top freelance writers’ blog in Kenya and outside the country, I got registered on Upwork and other freelance writing platforms such as Fiverr.

Given that I was still a rookie freelancer, I landed my first client on Upwork within no short period of time but got conned of my hard earned $124.  This happened even after being warned of cons and scams online by Walter. Overexcitement can be your worst enemy in life.

Here are some good ways to know scammers:

  • Promise you heaven but deliver hell.

I was conned by a client with the identity Oxford Guys. They purported to be an Indian-Writing Service Provider and even send me work samples and writing guidelines including the Terms and Conditions template. They promised to pay me every end of the month and I should not worry about payment at all. Liars they were!!

  • Their payment method is not verified

Later on, when I checked their profile on Upwork, their payment was not verified and was as new to Upwork as July 2017.

  • Encourage New Writers to apply in a bid to con them

For those who have an experience with Upwork, you will note that their some considerate clients who are good and encourage new writers to apply. That is not to say new writers cannot land clients.

However, in my experience, this was one isolated case whereby the same cons came back with a different identity namely -Help me Write Some Articles and still encouraged new writers to apply.

Their job advert was later scrapped off  Upwork for not being in line with Upwork policies.

  • Hire you out of Upwork

Upwork has policies that ensure the connection between business clients and independent professionals is well protected. For any client to hire you, he or she must first deposit money on Upwork’s Escrow account and sent you an offer via Upwork.

Once you receive and review the offer you can choose to accept or decline the contract.

A client can only hire you out of Upwork if he or she is willing to pay you upfront or sends you a down payment before you begin working for them.

  • Their writing is wanting

Whenever they send you emails, you will notice poor grammar and broken English here and there in their communication.

Despite the regrettable experience at the hand of scammers, I dusted my sleeves, bade for more jobs and landed trustworthy clients. You may want to have a look at my Upwork profile here

You may be one determined soul out there wondering how that single mother never gets out of her home to go work yet pays all her bills. Well, I have just told you my freelance writing journey. It is never too late, whether in your 20’s or 50’s you can freelance from any part of the world.  Personally, I am still on a journey to be better than I am today.

Many have done and in fact, have better experiences and great stories to tell than me.

If you have any questions or would also like to share your experience you can let me know in the comments section below. Besides, you could also shoot me an email through my contact page.

I have also launched a freelance course for beginners at only $25. Click here to submit your payment and start right away.

Best regards!!!

10 Top Successful Habits of the Wealthy


Daniel Acker/Bloomberg|Getty Images

I do not know much about you but I can say it without a doubt or fear of contradiction that you are always thinking about money. It is even worse when you are asked to part with $30 for a wedding committee; money that took you sweat and almost blood to get. Alternatively, you will want to run to your creditors, who are the only friends you have when you need them most but become bullies the moment you renege on your end of the bargain.

How about a marriage on the verge of a breakup, because of the man, the breadwinner lost his job and his spouse wants to hear none of it.

The world over, people are grappling with the issues of poverty and yearn for riches. Historians have always painted Africa as a dark continent with all the problems in the world. However, the same issues in Africa are the same issues in Asia, Europe, South America and other continents of the world. Every country has their own class of the rich and poor.

Therefore, it is good for once, to deconstruct the subject of wealth and try to find out what are the successful habits of the wealthy that the poor majority have no idea about or simply know but would like a wake up call from their life slumber.

  1. They are not Expecting Lottery Money from Somewhere Whatsoever

While the betting and lottery companies are making quick money on betting diehards the wealthy take pride in putting their money into profitable investment vehicles such as hedge funds, stocks and bonds. In this case, both the gambler and the wealthy individual are taking risks but the difference is one is gambling while the other is investing. Five years down the line, one is choking with debts while the other owns properties out of his home country. Guess whom between the two.

  1. They Exercise

In an interview with FourHourBodyPress , Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic Airways billionaire said, “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping it fit,” This according to him keeps the brain functioning well. Unfortunately, for the lazy majority, exercising to them is like another punishment from the pits of hell.

Many of the successful wealthy are known to maintain a consistent fitness routine that includes morning runs, visiting the gym, stretching and swimming among other exercises. Despite their busy schedules that involve a flurry of meetings, reading emails and inspecting projects they will always create time to exercise. On the contrary, most idlers hardly think about exercising but would rather sleep or daydream all day long.

  1. They Control their Emotions

As the old adage goes, -Think before you leap, the wealthy listen before they speak. Furthermore, they do not speak everything they think about. This is among the common successful habits of the wealthy. While the masses may complain about bad weather, poor roads, a bad economy and almost about everything the wealthy know how to keep their mouths shut. According to Megan Totka, author at Small Business Trends “Loose lips are a habit for 69% of those who struggle financially”. Conversely, 94% of the wealthy speak when they are rational, sober and calm.

  1. They Network

You have heard the saying, ‘Your network is your net worth” Well, it is the hard truth for you, unfortunately. The wealthy just know how to do that. Rather than spend all of their time talking about the match between Chelsea and AC Roma or trending political topics the wealthy will also talk about their business interests with an acquaintance while seeking for new opportunities that may come to the front. This will most likely end with them exchanging contacts and setting up appointments later. Use social events as an opportunity to network instead of wasting it on empty gossip about your neighbor next door filing for a divorce.

  1. They Wake Up Early

Waking up early is one of the old age successful habits of the wealthy. They understand that for them to hit deadlines and outdo long hour meetings, they have to put their lives in order with proper time management and that means waking up early. Waking up early before the sun rises helps you to take control over your day and do one or two things before the daily normal routine sets in and you have to join the rat race.

  1. They Set Aside Self-Limiting Beliefs that Hold them Back

What are your self-limiting beliefs? Do you believe that your lack of education denies you riches or is it your lack of motivation and enthusiasm? Whatever your self-limiting beliefs maybe the wealthy have learned to conquer theirs.

Napoleon Hill, in one of his best sellers, Think and Grow Rich says that you do not attract positive things into your life by thinking about their opposites. This is certainly true as negative thinking leads to negative feelings, attitudes and negative behavior. Get out of your self-limiting beliefs by having daily positive affirmations about your life. There is great power in listening to yourself uttering such positive words about your life.

  1. They Live Within Their Means

Successful habits of the wealthy involve living within their means. They have learned over time with a lot of self-discipline on how to master their money.  By the wealthy mastering their money, it means that they pay themselves first and avoid overspending the remaining amount. For example, a wealthy individual will save 10 or 20% of his net income and live on 80% of his or her income.

Regrettably, many of us have failed to be disciplined enough to control our impulses. In a bid to compete with your highflying neighbor you cleared your bank account to buy the latest BMW to satisfy your ego or prove your worth. Sadly, for you, this takes you several steps back from exercising power and authority over your money. In essence, your money is actually pulling the strings for you.

  1. They Spread their Beds

Randall Bell, a socio-economist spent years studying and analyzing unique characteristics that define successful individuals. Bell concluded that whatever you do on a daily basis matters. Simple routine tasks such as spreading your bed in the morning could just make the difference between a highly successful individual and a loser. Bell says, “Those who do their chores and make their living space tidier tend to make more money”. Bell argues that spreading your bed in the morning puts you into a high performing mindset.

Another author by the name Charles Duhigg also backs up Bell’s findings. Duhigg in his bestseller “The Power of Habit” says that making your bed every day in the morning correlates with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being and puts you in a better position to stick with a budget.

So, do you make your bed every morning? Sounds funny right? However, it could just make the difference in helping you to get what you have been longing for in life.

  1. They Rarely Watch TV but Study

According to a study by Thomas Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, many high net worth individuals hardly watch TV. In fact, only 67% of them watch television utmost 1 hour in a day.

Rather than spent a large share of their day glued to a screen, a wealthy individual will keep himself busy with books. According to Corley findings, 88% of wealthy individuals read self-improvement topics for at least 30 minutes in a day.

Bill Gates, the world richest man according to Forbes  Magazine loves to read books and is said to read at least 50 books in a year.

  1. They Set Goals and not Wishes

I bet you have many wishes right now. One of them could be to travel overseas may be to the UK or the United States of America. How about goals? Do you have any?

One of the successful habits of the wealthy individuals is to set goals unlike many who have mere wishful thinking. They set goals not just in their minds but put them down in writing. This is the first step of turning their thoughts into what is physical.

According to John Rampton, an entrepreneur and connector, “95% of the successful achievers I have interviewed practice writing down their goals, plans or visions for success on a regular basis.”

They do this most preferably at night before the next day.

Cultivate the habit of setting goals and following them through to completion.

Adapt to the successful habits of the wealthy to change your mindset, routine and kick poverty out of your life. Habits form part our second nature and it is good to learn from those who have gone ahead of us and mastered the art of making money. No pain no gain. Carol Burnett talks about change and says, “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” Strive to change your life now by adapting to the above given successful habits of the wealthy for a better financial future.

Find me in the comments section below.



No One Can Define You But Yourself

The author with colleagues at a workstation.

Hey you, hope this post finds you well. We are in tough times as a country and it will be kind of you to check on your neighbor just to know how safe he or she is.

To our fallen brothers and sisters in different parts of the country, more so, Luo Nyanza, may God rest their souls in peace. One socialite was quoted to suggest that “msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio” , but I choose to disagree in the strongest terms possible.

Our dear brothers and sisters chose to exercise their constitutional right to picket and demonstrate but rogue police officers caught up with them and mercilessly took their lives by the bullet.

There are two important questions  I need you to ask yourself today.

  1. How are you shaping the definition of your country as a citizen of Kenya? And
  2. What defines your person?

Too many of us hardly care the shit about what defines us as persons. We are busy shaping and defining our acquaintances, neighbors and friends but we hardly have the time to define ourselves.

We have left that job to our parents, pastors, employers, friends and village elders.

I am here to tell you that no one should define you but yourself. Honestly, were you blatantly convinced that you are stupid and cannot make it to law school or whatever career of your choice? Save me the bullshit.

Seriously? You were told you are not good in business and you chose to buy that? A beautiful you, fearfully and wonderfully made chose to take that in? Save me the crap.

You were told you are not dateable and you believed it? Really? A whole you?

Just before we continue I need you to affirm these positive affirmations firmly, loudly and with a conviction of St. Paul. Better make things right now than clock 40 with regrets about your youth.

  1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  2. What man can do, I can do better.
  3. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.
  4. I can because I can.
  5. Wealth, health and long life are my portions because God has a purpose for me on this earth.
  6. The Lord is my protector and there is nothing evil that man can do to me in deed and word.

Thank you for being a good student, assuming you followed the above instructions.

I don’t know about you friend, but for me, I chose to define myself rather than be defined.

This is so because who would really purport to know me better than myself. I know how I hate crowds and like to lock myself in a closet!  Not literally haha. Simply put, I know what you do not know about me, so don’t you try to exercise your behavior reading skills on me.

A young man was teased that he is mentally challenged to pursue science subjects in his third form at high school and he fell for it. Sad.

How many of us have fallen to this mediocre, energy-sapping words that demean us only to rediscover ourselves later?

I want you to stand up with me today, champion, and let’s say no to every self-limiting definitions that have been implanted in our lives by the very people who were meant to love, inspire and protect us against any self-limiting beliefs and definitions at a tender age.

No point of getting bitter about them maybe they were as naive as you were about their actions.

You can get remorseful too, I understand, it’s because you broke a soul out there and shattered a dream with your loud mouth and now you have to admit it. “Urrghhh!!  a wretched me”, you say.

Here is what I’m saying, friend.

Nobody can define you but you.

The Merriam Webster definition of define is to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of something or somebody e.g whatever defines us as human.

We need to start defining ourselves guys. I need you for a moment to switch off your mind from what your mama, wife, girlfriend, husband, pastor or special other said about you and pick that pen and paper right now. Yes, right now. ” Ooh! am in the heck of nowhere, how do you expect me to pick a pen and paper?”,you ask.

Well, take out your Infinix or whatever smartphone you have and let’s start doing some cracking task here.

Looks simple, stupid and easy right? But no no nooo!!!!! Don’t you dare go that direction because actually, some people have never really defined themselves since they were born.

All they know is that their BFF told them they are strong. Haha, maybe you were being flattered boy!

It is interesting to note that some people have never really defined their person. I mean, who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values or core values? What about your personality? What are your strengths? What about your weaknesses or you have none? I don’t think so. Pastors have weaknesses too but God has used them to touch and bless lives. No point of leaving in denial. Admit it buddy!

What is more baffling is the fact that some have chosen to define themselves by their job positions or profession and that is where it stops. I have no qualms about society calling you by your job title. Dr. Masiafu! Haha..it feels great right?

But you need to take a break and define who you really are friend.  Some have found themselves in awkward positions or rather caught off guard by interview questions that touch on their persona. Who told you only technical questions are asked during interviews?

Using a pen and paper or whatever smart gadget at your disposal, create columns with the above-given entries and write yourself down.

I just started.

Define yourself to be a better you.

Be You

Let me know your comments in the comments section below. Simply log in to or open an account at WordPress.com and you will be good to go.

Thanks for stopping by.


It is Okay to Suck and Embarrass Yourself


Hello guys!

Being a Sunday, I thought it wise to mention this topic to you, why not?

Sunday is the day most people are off from their demanding week day jobs. It is also a day when the faithful have a  chance to worship God and visit one another. More so, some take this time to spend on outings with their loved ones and family.

Indeed, Sunday is a day that comes and is soon gone, however, one can have every fulfilling moment of it.

And so today I have been reflecting on personal growth, self-improvement and today’s sermon about –The Serpent.

If my memory serves me right, I have read very many self-help books and blogs on different topics such as saving, dating and relationships, spirituality and making wealth. On the contrary, my life has changed to a certain degree but not to the level mention in the given blogs and books.

Interestingly, many self-help books and blogs including the one I’m writing on encourage people to be a better version of themselves, be happy, seek after success, break bad habits, be assertive, make money and so forth.

However, today I want to center this discussion on a different perception of life. As much as everyone may want to drive the latest machine in town and carry that sleek sizable smartphone, not all these are a sure guarantee in giving you the happiness you really long for.

On the contrary, I think it is healthy and okay for one to feel low, sad, dejected and miserable once in a while.  It is quite unfortunate that in the 21st-century world of social media and a booming self-help industry, bloggers and writers have perfected the skill of giving people unsolicited advice on how to do this and that.  This may partly work in your life or it may simply have no impact on your life at all.

Furthermore, people have perfected the art of feeling good, being happy and living life to the fullest on social media when in fact,  their true selves are struggling with bills and a myriad of other life issues.

Social media has helped much in boosting the self-help industry song because people would like to show off their success, new shoes, the new smartphone they never heard before or the baby they recently gave birth to.

In contrast, such online  photos only reflect a part of their life story at that paticular moment and it does not necessarily mean the individual in question is always happy.

Self-help writers tell  us never to be sad but always happy, how not to suck and embarass ourselves, how to stop overspending and saving, how to win our Ex-girlfriends and boys back.

On the contrary, I think it would be good for one to live life in moderation without being too hard on themselves with self-help sermons. True change in an  individual usually comes from within and I believe outside sources only serve to catalyze their resolve for change.

In living life to the full, you will trumble and be trumbled upon, laugh  and be laughed at. At times in life we embarass ourselves so badly and the thought of such like incidences only make us more embarrased.

To recap an incidence I once embarrased myself, I am the discipline polite, young man who means no harm to none. And so during one time in college, the lecturer wanting to use students as teaching aid to make the concept of the Human DNA sink deeper summoned three students to the front including myself.

Given a choice, I would be the first one to refuse such a proposition by the lecturer but he would have heard none of that. It so happened that the jeans trouser I had worn that day was a little bit tight on me. This served to create an unusual contour in my fly area.

The front of the class was a little bit raised like a podium and so the 1000-packed classroom could visibly see the front.

Unfortunately for me, the class clown had already spotted an opportunity to break the ice and off he went. Amidst the demonstrations and lecture by the professor, he shouted a funny remark in slang to suggest that I had just had an erection.

The lecturer not wanting to be left out of the moment highlights simply chipped in and made a repitition of the clown’s remarks on a lighter knot which send the class into a mad frenzy of laughter, shouting and ululations. Girls pinched the boys and got  a subject to talk about.

To save myself the embarassment, I joined  the class in the laughter and laughed at myself too. Eventually , the noise dissipated and sooner  the lecture came to its end. The incidence was fast forgotten as it came.

This is exactly how life works. Always shifting between lemons and lemonades periodically. There is always no a continouos state of bliss as self-help books may want to put it or make us believe but a series of ups and lows, the hero and the loser you, in one day you could be a jack-of-all trades and the next day turn out to be a good for nothing bloody vampire.

Therefore, the trick here is to stop being the perfectionist. Stop always having a high expectation of you in everything you do because you can obviously never achieve that. Reserve such expectations for Hollywood movie stars who are made to appear superhuman and perfect in body-shape, movements, speech and everything they do. Once in a while show love and appreciation for the miserable and loser you. Learn to accomodate the sad and bored you by acknowledging that the most jovial and talkative person, once in a while shuts down completly.

Next time you suck or embarass yourself, simply remember that for life to be complete, you need to have  a test of both lemons and lemonades. No movie stars here.

Is there a day you embarrassed yourself and felt the loser for it? Let me know through the comments section below.

Have a fruitful week.