Good Things Come to those who Wait

Good things come to those who wait

Really? Do good things come to those who wait, or is it just one of the many statements with white lies we know of?

The other question is wait for what things from where? BBI team? Jubilee or Uncle Sam?

The Waiting Wilderness

The world today makes you want good things thick and fast. So how in the world are you going to wait for good things to come your way?

Someone the other day was wondering why I haven’t bought a car yet. Hehe. We panga maisha yako achana na yangu boss!

In fact, I’m tempted to believe that the social norm today is not about being rich, it’s about looking rich. It’s about the perception you are rich.

So, all a young man needs to do is buy a fancy car? Some fancy clothing and build some mansion in the village or in a suburban plot of land somewhere and bam! You are damn rich men! Even with no money in your bank account or valuable assets.

Yet society will perceive someone walking in faded blue denim jeans and a Jubilee Tuko Pamoja T-shirt as poor. Hahahhha

The irony is this guy could be yule msee when you are cash-strapped and all your friends and enemies have turned their backs on you. Ye ana mali but hucheza chini, you get?

Yeah, the aforementioned scenario is an accurate reflection of the happenings in society today. Instant gratification, over expectations, flamboyancy dot the material world of vanity.

You are entitled to your opinion but the wisest man to have lived saw all these and he wrote in his book of Proverbs 13:7 (NIV):

One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.

A young man coming out of University wants to be paid Kes 60,000/ USD600 on their first job. Bro! I like your ambition, but people begin from the bottom and rise the ladder.

Sit and Wait or Act and Wait?

The statement “good things come to those who wait” shouldn’t be understood to sit, do nothing, and wish for some miracle to happen.

In the process of waiting you invest in yourself and build good habits that will make you a better version of yourself.

What are your dreams? or what is your purpose? Who do you want to become?

If you are serious about your dreams and what the future holds for you? then you should learn to wait. Fast or quick isn’t always right. Well, it could also be right but not the best for you.

Waiting doesn’t mean drowning in alcohol and indulging in sensational sex to feel you belong.

It’s all about taking responsibility for your life and make every decision you make count.

How to Wait

1. Get Busy and Productive

I will use a common saying here again – An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

You have 24 hours in a day. You can choose to get engaged and productive or idle and destructive.

I have seen young people getting busy and keeping off activities that would destroy them. Similarly, I see young people who keep destroying themselves.

Jack, a young man I know is a great footballer. Daily except for Sunday, he is always on the football pitch training for the next tournament. Rarely do you find him sleeping in bed idle.

In three words, he is fit, disciplined and focused.

He knows he can be a great footballer and that’s why he invests time in fine-tuning his gaming skills.

Mary and Ian

Mary is in the Praise and Worship team in their church. Often, when you go looking for her or ring her, she will tell you she is church singing or praying.

How about Ian? He is always in his father’s business stall, helping him run the family business. He has little time for reckless and irresponsible living.

Ian is learning to be a business man, doesn’t he?

A Stark Contrast

On the other hand, Allan, is the exact opposite of the two above. He eats large chunks of food but he is very idle. And have you noticed how idle people get hungry very fast? Hahah

Allan can spend the whole day binge watching movies on a laptop or the TV set and chatting with ladies on the phone.

Mark you, we live in a time and age where you can read Personal Development books on your Smartphone or study a free course online.

Farming today is no longer a reserve of the old in society. Young people can embrace it and Allan is no exception.

Because of his untapped strength and idleness, Allan occasionally fornicates with young girls in the neighborhood. Ignoring the fact that he could contract STDs, get impotent or killed with Viagra or sire a baby he isn’t ready to take care of.

He also secretly goes for house parties, smokes weed and drinks lots of alcohol. Ooh poor boy! Bad habits die really hard.

And I don’t hate men, ladies have their fare share too. Laura has been caught severally by her parents sneaking. She does this in the wee hours of the night.

And for what reason? To drink and sleep with her boyfriend, old enough to be her father. Pathetic!

2. Keep Good Company

Guys! The truth is simple and plain or plain and simple? Ni kizungu ilikuja na meli but you get my point, don’t you?

Have you noted that if someone is trying to explain something simple to you in so many words either he is lying or not sure of what he is saying?

I come tell you, “Bad company corrupt good morals” I mean what’s so hard to understand about that? Or should I speak in French? Okay I will but sio sa huu.

In the waiting period learn to keep good company. Learn to walk with people you admire and aspire to be.

Even amongst your peers, some are better than you in life skills. You can learn something from them, right?

Good things come to those who wait by keeping good company.

3. Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer is a form of communication.

But in this case, you are not communicating to your friend but a higher power or deity – God

I know young people who pray. But a majority don’t. How I wish they could learn the secrets of prayer early in life and build this habit all the way.

Prayer invokes the power of God over natural situations in your life. It generates tremendous power to cause seismic shifts in your destiny and mold you to the person your maker wants you to become.

Prayer aligns you with the vision and purpose of God over your life.

In your waiting time, don’t sit idle. Join prayer caravans and seek God with all your heart. Walk with the prayer warriors and see your life get transformed.

And for the record, you don’t have to be in church to pray. Are you traveling? pray. Seated somewhere? Pray. Walking in a park? pray. If you can communicate when driving it means you can pray when driving.

Wrap Up

I feel I haven’t written enough of this post. But hope you understand it the way I’m trying to. Good things come to those who wait and you better learn to wait. Life is a journey and you need to enjoy your time in the waiting wilderness. Because you are going to remember those days when you get over with them.


Shortcuts in Life: Are they Worth the risk?

Shortcuts in life

Life on earth could be tough, but not as tough as living on the moon right? You want to consider taking due life process vs taking shortcuts in life, pursuing your goals and dreams. What do you think works out best for you in the long run?

The Guiding Principle Vs. Shortcuts in Life 

Regardless of the toughness, life is all about sowing and reaping. And according to the good book in Genesis 8:22, this idea has never been emphasized enough. That as long as the earth remains, seedtime, and harvest time will never cease.

That being said, life calls for working hard. In fact, working hard is fast becoming a cliché and many people would rather talk about working smart.

Does the World Mirror this?

In the world, we have trailblazers, pacesetters, accomplished technocrats, award-winning artists, poets, and writers. We can’t close the list without mentioning influential and powerful political leaders.

On the other end of the tunnel, we got educated fools, quack practitioners, serial dreamers, and blatant losers.

What would make such a vast difference between these two groups of people? Is it their education, family, career, or a matter of fate, chance, or luck?

Any successful person in whichever field will tell you how success in their lives took years of commitment and hard work.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Story

In his commencement speech to Harvard 8th graders back in 2017, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg narrated the journey of  Facebook. 

Unlike the movie, Social Network that would want to make us believe that Facebook was born out of Facemash, the true story is a far cry.

Zuckerberg hilariously narrated how the advertising board at Harvard was to send him parking over the “Facemash scandal”.

But as fate would have it, he, later on, dropped out at his own pleasure to pursue Facebook.

Given his enormous success, many would think his big idea of connecting people was an obvious instant hit. That is not the script.

The early days of Facebook had its own share of problems.

Zuckerberg and his companions just never believed they would be the guys who would connect the world. Maybe Facebook would have amounted to nothing if Mr. Zuckerberg (Mark’s dad) had not taught him how to write code at an early age.

To them, such a feat was so colossal that it was to be reserved for the already established tech. giants.

The moral of the story is: there are no shortcuts in life. Pay for it by acquiring new skills, and never stopping to learn.

Be determined, and never giving up and doing what it takes to get there.

Never heard of a lawyer who never understood and practiced law

There is no blogger who doesn’t blog

Similarly, to be a writer, write. Award-winning artists and musicians sing their voice hoarse recording music in the studio before anything serious comes out.

The Puzzle of Life

shortcuts in life

Paradoxically, life also presents us with people who have made it to greater heights by taking shortcuts in life.

Paradoxically, life also seems to present us with people who have made it to greater heights by taking shortcuts in life.

What are you expected to think when your neighbor is always landing with a helicopter in their palatial home?

Often, such persons are glorified and castigated in equal measure. Always referred to as the well-oiled, the wheeler-dealer in town.

With their wealth and power that they can’t be accountable for, it may tempt you to follow their course.

On the contrary, you could end up paying a higher and painful price to be like them.

For you to reap the best fruits, put in the effort of planting the right seeds and tending to them.

This is one principle that is so absolute. If you choose not to abide by it, you will have no one else to but yourself to blame.

Shortcuts in Life: The Consequences

For instance, if you procrastinate today, you will reap the fruits of procrastination the day after.

On the same knot, choosing to maneuver your way to the top by cutting dirty deals won’t keep you their long enough.

To prove this point, you need to meet with Wilkins Fadhili.  He is a fraudster who became the talk of the town after his conmanship was unearthed.

Under normal circumstances, those who maneuver their way to the top seldom have the heart to serve or help other people. The reason behind such an attitude is simple.

They did not follow the natural due process in acquiring their assets or wealth. Thanks to their perception of life as a jungle, it doesn’t matter who you hurt or who you lose as long as you get what you want.

Before you prove me wrong or right, you need to look at billionaires who have committed to giving 90% of their wealth before their death. The likes of Buffett, Gates, and Zuckerberg just to mention a few are among them that have committed to the Giving Pledge.

Conversely, it’s no surprise that the list of those who have not committed to the Giving Pledge could contain billionaires with controversial sources of wealth or scanty tales of their rise to glory.

To them, whether it’s money, fame, power, or influence, its success first regrets later. They would rather kill to get to the top.

Unfortunately, many get haunted by lost spouses /family members and friends. They play hide and seek games with legal authorities.  Past ruthless action always leaves them begging for more.

Bottom Line 

The world would be a much better place if people learned not to take shortcuts in life. There would be less pain and more joy. Innocent people wouldn’t con you. There would be less trouble and fewer cases to solve in courts. Let’s envision a future with no shortcuts and desire to make it a reality. 



Don’t Seek Success, Seek Value


Seeking success is good, but not better when compared to seeking value. What success are you seeking in your life? Is it the perfect marriage? Do you want to get a promotion at your workplace? In fact, you have been told the sky is the limit. Right? I’m not disputing the saying, but here is a thought: don’t seek success, seek value.

In life, we pay for value. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether it is a product or service, you use it not because of anything but the value you get from it.

So, lets take a deeper dive and find out why we should seek for value and not success.

4 Reasons You Should Seek Value and Not Success

1. You Change Lives by the New You

Think about it for a second. What? Life before Facebook. Social media was unheard of. You wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams sharing your photo over the world save for pen pals.

There is nothing so satisfying like being an agent of change or transformation in the lives of other people. You don’t have to invent Facebook like Mark. Light kind-hearted activities like feeding the hungry, giving an attentive ear make a lot of difference in peoples’ lives.

Similarly, in your workplace rather than chasing the success of getting a promotion, how about you focus on seeking and adding value to your team? Ask yourself what you could do better to improve your team’s performance.

By serving others, you tie yourself less to your goals and aspirations. You pay more on the value you are bringing to society. This builds you in the long run.

Your way to greatness is by serving others and adding value to their lives. However, amid all these, also pay attention to how you are growing in your life.

2. It’s Value that Brings you Success and not Vice versa

We always see success all around us and you can’t deny it. Whether it’s someone driving your dream car or having a fat paycheck.

Someone is running a successful business that is flourishing. You wish you could pull off something like that too. And so, clearly, our definition of success comes from what we admire or what someone is doing successfully in our space.

However, in most cases, this serves to hurt you because you are trying to project a journey or a milestone that isn’t yours. Put another way, you are trying to be the person who created that success. You and I know it’s a wild goose chase you are up to.

Comparison is the thief of joy. And so when you compare yourself with others, it leaves you empty and disappointed.

On the flip side, don’t seek success, seek value, and provide it to others. The truly successful people are those who contribute value to others. They don’t accumulate glory for others but want to see others succeed as well.

If you have a brand that is giving back to the community, people are more likely to value you and appreciate your efforts. Moreso, they will trust your brand. They will support you and join you in your value addition efforts.

That’s exactly how you build your success. You don’t seek success; you seek value and add it to the lives of other people.

When you seek value, you will begin giving that value to others. In the process, you will change, growing and building your brand. And that will be your success.

I work for a nonprofit in Kenya by the name One Acre Fund. It began as a small social enterprise serving 38 farmers in Kenya. Today, it has spread its program across 6 countries. The Kenya program alone serves 440,000 farmers.

3. You Build an Abundant Mindset

In most cases, we always focus on ourselves. We focus on how we can take care of our daily minor problems but forget to examine our mindset.

Even so, it’s easier for you to build an abundant mindset by focusing on others. Because by helping others, your mind will begin noticing that there is the value you can offer people.

You, therefore,, start appreciating yourself for what you can do. The joy you give to others will refresh you every day and put in you in abundant disposition.

4. Value Lasts Success is Temporal

Let’s say you are successful, right? You have no problem paying the bills; you got the money. Going for vacations is not an issue of at what cost it’s about when.

But if you were to die today, all the mega lifestyle disappears. Conversely, you could run a non-profit that feeds the hunger-stricken. The contrast is clear right away.

Success dies on the day you die

The former is having the best time of his life, while the latter is changing lives.

What always lingers for long after we die is the value we offered and not the sleek machines we drove.

Therefore, get out there. Do an act of kindness, or support a social course. People rarely forget your acts of kindness. Don’t seek success, seek value.

Icons of Value in the World

The world’s greatest are not remembered because of their successes, but because of their value. Check this quick rundown of people valuable in the world.

Bill Gates -Founded Microsoft

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

Andrew Youn – One Acre Fund

Lewis Brown – Motivational speaker

These people are not just successful out of the blue, but they sought after a value of over the years; which made them the successful figures they are today.

Bill Gates’ obsession with computers did not begin today.

If you have been seeking success all this long! Stop in your tracks right now and change what you seek after for value. Success is short-lived, but the value will never be archaic.

You want to be that person people won’t fail to mention at an important meeting or event because of your value. With value, you can’t afford to be ignored?

Bottom Line

Seek to be a person of value and not a person of success. This begins at finding a skill or carving out a niche you can be good at. A jack of all trades was never a master at anything. Besides, your simple acts of kindness can also make you a person of value.


Why being Grateful gives you More Opportunities to be

The things I’m grateful for

There are two groups of people in the world today. Those who know how to be grateful and those who know how to complain. In which category do you identify yourself?

For the last two weeks, I have a been sleeping at an exclusive guest house. While here, I have enjoyed a sumptuous supper and breakfast, all paid and taken care of. 

Well, this is not something happening out of the blue. Probably many of you have had a similar or even better experience.

Similarly, an equal majority may not have had the same experience or something close to this.

I say this not to brag, but to show gratitude to what life can offer if you maintain your grateful attitude.

I’m also aware of the many homeless and hunger-stricken who to whom life has given painful experiences. But they haven’t lost everything just yet.

Count your Blessings

In saying all this, I must emphasize that it is more important to count your blessings.

Whining and sulking is a wilderness mentality that kept the Israelites stranded in the wilderness for 40 years. Yet, their journey was to last for a mere 11-day journey to the promised land. (Canaan)

You are better off developing the culture of gratitude no matter how tough the going might be than joining a bunch of complainers along the streets, pub, church or you mention where.

You are better off developing the culture of gratitude no matter how tough the going might be than joining a bunch of complainers along the streets, pub, church or you mention where.

More to the guest house experience is also the fact that I have changed my place of residence to move closer to my workstation.

Embrace what makes you be Grateful

While many people I know were uncomfortable with my preference or choice of the place to stay, I chose not to look at things from their point of view but do what makes my heart comfortable.

I’m a firm believer in the principle of frugal living to create more avenues for saving and investing my money for the next 60 years (all factors constant) that I still have to live on planet earth.

One factor that would have turned me off from choosing this flat as a place of residence is its proximity to the office. Interestingly, though, I saw it as an added advantage to my principle of frugal living.

A few colleagues were of the opinion that it is more like living in the office from Sunday to Sunday because you are never away, literally because you live closer.

Close here is really close in the sense that when I stand at the door of my house, I’m able to see the main entrance to the office. Hahaha.

However, I saw things differently first because of my rental fee, which is way below the normal rates charged here.

More beneficial is the fact that I won’t spend a nickel and dime to get to the office, which helps to cut on my expenses even further.

Given the nose-bridge distance between my place and the office, that also means cases of being late because of busy traffic and facing a disgusted boss are now behind my back.

Let me also mention that I have a free and secure Wi-Fi connection 24/7 thanks to being a neighbor to the office.

Jim Rohn

Just yesterday I was listening to one renowned motivational speaker in the name of Jim Rohn.

Rohn says that one philosophy of success that made him rich was “wages make you a living, but profits make you a fortune” 

And in saying so, Rohn mentioned the principle of spending a dollar. That you must strive to ensure you live on 70% of what you make. The next 10%, spent it on charity and tithing.

The other 10%, put it to active investments, let’s say a business or a venture that has a quick turnover.

The last 10%, spent it on passive investments lets say buying a house and collecting assets.

Practically speaking, the money you make will never be enough to meet all your expenses and maybe take care of your savings and investments. But you can make the money be enough to cover all that if you want to. The buck stops with you.

Comparison, the Thief of Joy

Unfortunately, it is so pathetic that many of us get caught in a web of comparison, therefore, feeling our hearts with so much jealousy and “it should have been me” attitude.

Where is the joy in all that?  I’m an employee, but I think most victims of this quagmire are employees.

Rarely the self-employed entrepreneurs and business people have the time for such comparisons because they are busy interacting with customers, sales, and themselves.

But they too can’t escape comparison syndrome because they are human beings with life in social media.

If you are in a social grouping of people, be alert and shield yourself against comparing yourself with other people.  Run your own race.

Athletes when running stick to their lanes and focus on the finishing line without looking sideways. Why should you be the one to sabotage your own efforts to win by looking at the new mansion or BMW your neighbor gained?  That should not be you at all.

Final Thoughts

I greatly so the need to exhort you this day on counting your blessings and being grateful for having them in your life. If I were to write all my blessings in this post, then I could still write them. In counting your blessings, you are not doing anybody a favor but you.  Every day strive to count the three things that made you happy, or you were grateful for, and life will give you more opportunities to be grateful.

You are Allowed to Get Stuck in Life but Never Stop

Feel no motivation to write this post this afternoon. So to speak, I have been on a forced writing leave for unknown reasons that only I should be able to comprehend.

Most writers will agree with me that it comes to that point in their writing career when they feel burned out and there is no more fuel for their writing journey.

For a couple of weeks, the procrastination demon has been all over me. Telling me there’s no reason to worry about the writing dormancy. I guess today I have conquered my biggest enemy.

Woman sleeping on New York balcony. Photo


For a couple of weeks, the procrastination demon has been all over me. Telling me there’s no reason to worry about the writing dormancy. I guess today I have conquered my biggest enemy.

For also reasons unavoidable, I have been shifting between offices, sitting before panels, doing tests here and there in the quest to land myself a job. All that is history owing to my potential employer sending me an offer letter for employment.

Congratulatory messages have poured in from all quarters, people encouraging me to go for the job. Well, personally, I take this to be a very important step in my career path.

Having listened and read about many tips on personal finance, getting wealthy and retiring early I’m eager to make things right from the word go. Given that I have been more of a spender than a saver over the years, I now want to put my brain and energy into building my financial muscles that will first start with saving then diving into a business with consideration for a long-term investment strategy. All about goal setting. Right?

 A part of me is also concerned about my hobbies of writing and blogging putting into consideration the fact the past couple of months have been low on writing energy,  zeal, and motivation.

That said, I’m gonna have to push myself beyond my limits. Despite the demanding career life that is gonna come my way,  I’m gonna put my best foot forward in ensuring that this interesting hobby does not die out any time soon.

Same way, you could be at a critical point in your life where you feel your energy or attention has been sapped by the pressures of life. The only one thing you are allowed to do is to take a break or get stuck but never stay stuck forever.

If you happen to be working on building a life skill that you feel has ridden you of all the energy left, it’s okay to feel stuck but don’t stop yet.

Your online friend, Job





No Glory Without Sacrifice

Google Images

This morning while attending a monthly departmental meeting at my workstation I happened to be among those listening to our guest for the day – a recruitment officer with the company I work with.

To say the least, her story was inspiring let alone motivating.

Every sentence from her mouth broke forth through the still air with such wisdom, energy and gusto that knows no bounds.

Though hard to admit, companies /organizations once in a while undergo restructuring to either lay off some of their employees, expand their operations while minimizing costs.

In most cases, the former reason is always the case, where organizations lay off their staff as a cost-cutting measure in a bid to operate on very low costs while expanding their operations.

However, when such incidents occur in an organization what matters most is on what side of the divide are you. If you are an employee like me currently, that means that you will be on the receiving end of the company’s boardroom decisions.

On the contrary, if you happen to be the CEO or owner of the company, you will be more than happy to implement such a decision as long as its helping your company cut on costs while making profits.

It is such a point in time that our guest was called in by the department management to help shed light on internal job hiring process and issues that need ironing out.

Surprisingly, it turned out that many of us were not aggressive enough in getting the job opportunities that were being made available to us. Evidently, it is true that when you stare at the abyss the abyss stares back at you. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you constantly surround yourself with negativity, sooner or later you will become negative.

Surprisingly, it turned out that many of us were not aggressive enough in getting the job opportunities that were being made available to us. Evidently, it is true that when you stare at the abyss the abyss stares back at you. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you constantly surround yourself with negativity, sooner or later you will become negative.

I will say this without fear of contradiction that most new employees who join an organization usually come in full of positive energy and with a skyrocketing zeal to outperform their resumes.

Nevertheless, along their career path something within them gets twisted and a bend is created. Their zeal, passion and positive attitude towards their job dissipates and evaporates into thin air and behind is left an empty shell of a human body who comes to work not because he/ she loves it but because he/she has to. To them, there is no growth, things will always remain the way they are and there is nothing to look forward to.

Precisely, that was the atmospheric temperature in the room when the invited guest trooped in. The once innocent souls with a hunger to work and serve while building their career lives were now seeing this as a waste of time and energy, their hearts demoralized by an organization that seems not to care about their work life.

Interestingly it only remained so until when our guest changed the tune. She gave her own personal life experience on how she used to be lazy and not aggressive enough in searching for jobs that matched her skills and qualifications.

She hilariously narrated how she could write a CV once and use one and the same Curriculum Vitae to apply to all the job opportunities that came knocking at the door. All she needed to do was print her long written  CV from her desktop and send to the whatever job she was applying to at any given time.

Alternatively, she could simply upload one and the same CV while doing online applications and simply click send. At the end of it all, none of her efforts converted into getting her a good job but regret emails and phone calls that never came.

It emerged that she was her own worst enemy and was doing more harm than good to herself. She admitted she was lazy back then something she was quick to point out amongst us. She lamented how sad it was that someone had strong skills to sell to the highest bidder yet did not want to take the time and effort to tailor-make her CV suit a particular position he is applying for.

The challenge is: To the many successful people you see outside there, there is something out of the ordinary that every single one of them did to merit their success status.

Unfortunately, too many of us do not care to ask how did they make it in whatever field of success or line they are in but all we do is get edgy with them, call them names and accuse them of being devil worshippers in some God forbid secret societies.

It’s only when we get positive, refuse to be among the bottom crowd mentality and choose to do something new and positive out of our normal routines that life will have began.

No glory without sacrifice.


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4 Misunderstood Statements about Money

Hello good people,

It has been long since we got to interact with each other but I’m fit and sound like a giant fig tree. For a moment, I have been having these negative thoughts about money but on a closer introspection, I realized how wrong I was. To some of us, money has been over glorified at the expense of our families, relationships, friendships and personal development.

Well, who said money isn’t important anyway. Just as you do need it, I also need it to offset some of my bills and keep life moving forward. However, money is not all that matters in life but many other things as well.

If you agree with the aforementioned statement then we are definitely on the same page. Out there, many are the statements concerning money. Many mention it when looking for it or when trying to justify their unwanted conditions.

So today, in the spirit of self-growth and personal development, I would like us to demystify a number of myths about money that get as all on the wrong side of things.

# 1.  Money is Everything

If money was everything, then your very breath of life would be dependable on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the patient who needs a life-supporting machine that obviously costs money to be used. The thing is, you have an obligation to pay your water bill, electricity bill and et. Cetera but no any single time did anybody from anywhere stood at your doorstep demanding a clearance of your life bill for the years you have so far lived on earth.

Besides, genuine friends and true lasting relationships can never be bought with money.

Let’s say your breath of life was worth $0.01/minute then you need to calculate your age and you will know exactly what amount you will have to part with to pay for your life.

Fortunately for us, all that is unnecessary because the breath of life has been given freely.

The Bible talks about the story of the rich fool in Luke 12:13-21, who after harvesting bountifully thought he still had a life to destroy his barns and build bigger ones for the bountiful harvest only for his life to be taken that very night.

# 2. Excess Money Makes You Immoral

On many occasions, this statement has hit my ears both from friends, foes and family members alike. Clearly, I didn’t get it right what could be the reason they spewed such ignorant statements but the fact remains that they are all wrong. One important question I keep asking myself is whether these individuals would one day in life wish to have a lot of money or not.

You need to know that the excess money being castigated as making one immoral has been used to contain aids and Malaria prevalence in Africa provided relief food in famine and hunger stricken parts of the world, built both churches and schools.

In all these instances, donor funding both from individual and institutional donors has been used immensely but   I do not see where money made anyone immoral but to create solutions.

But one thing I do understand very well is money simply picks the character of the beholder. Money in the hands of a drunkard makes him or her more of a drunkard. Same is true for a gambler, child trafficker or drug dealer.

#3.  I want to be a Millionaire

This statement is correct in every sense and there is no problem with anyone of us wanting to have millions in our bank accounts. But the question is, what do you want the millions for? Some of the world renown billionaires never had the dream of becoming what they are today but because they were focused on solving a problem or filling a gap by adding value to the way of things, that in itself minted them billions let alone millions. Have someone in mind? Point is, it is not about the millions it is about the purpose you got behind the millions.

If your desire to be a millionaire is driven by anger, need for approval or security think twice because even after you get your millions these issues will still be right there with you.

If your desire to be a millionaire is driven by anger, need for approval or security think twice because even after you get your millions these issues will still be right there with you.


#.4 The Rich Steal to Continue Being Rich

I’m not sure I want to write this statement because I seem to be in limbo myself. This is because; I come from a country where corruption is so rife that making money legally, ethically and morally now appears to be a thing of the past.  I must say that this statement is partly true going by corruption dossiers and inquiries done in Kenya and are in public domain. However, I also must add that to anyone of us who has a desire to be counted among the rich, this statement is not the very right one for you. You can’t be what you negatively keep on talking about.

Firstly, this statement paints the rich, something you want to become like thieves and only thieves. What effect will it have on you? You will start resenting the rich, envy them and make them your enemies. You can as well forget about being rich.

I would rather suggest you focus on them that have made much money legally, morally and ethically right rather than sabotage your own billion dollar dream.


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5 Things to Do When You Feel a Failure in Life

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I’m not sure I want to write about this but deep inside I feel there is a soul out that there that needs some fuelling words to soldier on. That soul could be me or you. The word failure in itself is scary, unwanted and attracts no admiration but sympathy and shame.

In your life right now, you could be having this feeling because of one reason or the other but you need not put yourself down or remain in that fallen state.  Life needs to be understood as a journey and not a destination. If you understand life as a journey, well and good because that means you are privy to the fact that a journey is never smooth all through but around comes bumpy and meandering roads.

However, if you understand it as a destination, the bumpy rides along won’t make any sense to you and that means you will walk in negativity, misery, and hopelessness but luckily for you in every Alpha there is always an Omega unless you choose to remain in that situation.

If you are feeling that broken, stuck and way below your peers in life then you need to try this out:

  1. Read God’s Word

Reading the Bible has many benefits to your soul that you will come to understand later when you get deep into reading it. From it comes revelation of God’s will over your life, hope over tough situations in your life, an answer for every single situation surrounding your life.

You will read about the story of the Israelites, that despite being God’s chosen people they failed God in many ways, were given unto their enemies, exiled, afflicted but they still remained to be God’s people and God restored them promising them a future and hope. You are not any different because, despite the bumpy ride at the moment, there is a future and a hope for you.

  1. Be Inspired by those Who Have Overcome Your Challenge

Hope is a word so simple yet difficult to understand especially when you are at the bottom of the totem pole.

At the bottom, everything seems to be bleak, lifeless and stagnant. That said, it is extremely difficult for someone to understand it when he or she is facing that huge mountain to climb, a financial or emotional struggle.

However, you can find inspiration in those who have conquered the same battles. For instance, there are those who have gone through a stream of bad marriages and failed severely. But later on, they were able to learn from their failures to the point of becoming marriage counselors themselves.

There are those who have broken the bad habits you are struggling with right now. Find inspiration in them and soldier on.

  1. Read autobiographies of Great World Leaders

We all know that being a leader comes with a great responsibility of leading people. People look up to you for guidance, direction and rely entirely on your wisdom and leadership skills. Leaders, therefore, whether by chance or choice face difficult situations in their career and life that may devastate them too many times.

Case in point is Abraham Lincoln, a onetime US president who went through a stream of failures in business, politics and his personal life before clinching the seat of the most powerful nation on earth.

  1. Know your Failures and Face Them

It is said that successful people take 100% responsibility for what happens to them. Therefore, for life to move forward you have to take action by facing your failures and knowing them for what they are and subsequently laying down a plan to overcome them.

The world does not recognize victims of life or those who play victims to life but heroes and those who have conquered storms in life to bring the ship back home. If it is a financial struggle or overcoming your debts, you need to know all the debts you owe from the smallest to the highest and lay down a plan to clear them as soon as possible. As one author put it if you find yourself in a hole stop digging.

  1. Tell Yourself it’s Never too Late

In this voyage called life, the word late is allowed to be relative clearly because one’s lateness maybe another person’s timeliness.

Actually, the point is that everyone operates in their own time zone and your peer owning a company at 25 does not mean something could be wrong with you. However hard you may have worked or tried hard, it is not yet the time to give up but to persist even more because it’s never too late.

Your dream house or company could just be around the corner. If you are still young and energetic, take comfort in the fact that you still have the time to work hard and achieve your goals.


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A Letter to my Esteemed Readers

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Hi there,

It gives me much pleasure and joy to pen this letter to you. I must say that your continued support and the courtesy to always stop by has not been in vain but has actually created a strong, positive and forward moving relationship between us.

As narrated earlier, my journey as a blogger began 3 years ago.  Back then, my steps were those of a toddler. But then I would tell myself, I would rather walk with baby steps than make no movement at all.

Today, though not at the peak like Jon Morrow I must say that I’m heading there sooner than I think.

Any blogger out there will relate to the fact that it’s never easy to come up with content to post on your blog regularly. And number two, it is never a guarantee that your blog post will go viral and attract more than 1000 visitors within minutes let alone grabbing likes and shares.

Every single blogger out there is always screaming for traffic which obviously like Rome, cannot be built in one day but through months and years of hard work.

To my dear readers who happen to be bloggers like me, let us challenge ourselves even more and stretch beyond our limits by going the extra mile each new day.

To my esteemed readers who feel they should be bloggers by now but haven’t started yet, you should know that the lion that is commonly referred to as the king of the jungle was once a cub. It is never too late for you to join the race.All you need is to identify a particular topic that you feel you are a pro, interests you the most and start cracking.

The internet is now vibrant like never before and no matter how many blogs you create, you will never miss an audience to build traffic to your blog.

To my great readers who are neither bloggers nor want to be bloggers, thank you for being supportive of my work and making my blog your home.

And for this reason, I bring to you the good news that my blog has been nominated for a Bloggers Association of Kenya Award 2018.

For me to rank top as the winner in my category- Best topical blog, I rally and call for your support over the same. This support entails voting for my blog under the Bake Awards by clicking here. You will be prompted to the BAKE website that has a button for voting- VOTE NOW. Press the button vote now and follow the instructions that will follow.

One other thing to note is that WordPress engineers have not only been supportive but very helpful in making sure that I get to know one or two about blogging.

The bottom line is that everyone is destined for success not unless you make the sole decision of dying in mediocrity. However, one important point to put across is that you can always change for the better without envying your neighbor. He or she is not part of your journey and you know not where they could be heading to.

See you at the peak!!!









Are You a Recent Graduate? Consider Self-Employment

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If you are a recent Kenyan graduate or through with your coursework and waiting for graduation I must congratulate you for coming this far. It not only a privilege but an honor that you can be counted among University graduates in Kenya.

It is undeniable though, that many graduates feel not so confident about their hard-earned degrees because of the skyrocketing levels of unemployment in Kenya today.  Of more concern is the fact our Universities are less focused on a learning system that encourage students to be researchers and entrepreneurs. Most of their learning systems are based on theory and lecture jargons at the expense of research-based learning that encourages students to be researchers, innovative and think out of the box.

Four years down the line, one comes out with a paper giving them the power to read and write and do what appertains to that particular BSc. or B.A degree but not so much to fit in a job marketplace. Many employers will confess that a particular candidate, though well-learned as their papers show, lack self-confidence, communicates poorly, has no career goals and cannot transform class learned material into real-life situations.

Such scenarios are not uncommon. It’s pathetic that a person with a low-level education such as Diploma but vast experience tends to have an upper hand when it comes to employment, compared to a recent graduate. This is not to say that graduates come out of college half-baked. Most employers usually look for the experience which the graduate may be lacking at that particular point in time. Unfortunately enough, the graduate is not equipped and groomed to venture into entrepreneurship. What transpires is several cases of a graduate moving from one office to the other with no possibility of finding employment.

A study reveals that it takes an average of 5 years for a graduate to get employed in Kenya. Recently,  a job posting was circulated through social media and thousands must have been on it sending applications and hoping to get considered. Interestingly, enough, the post had been send and resend all over till I also resend it to a friend who had sent it earlier to me. That clearly tells you the job desperation that recent graduates are going through right now.

Here is the job posting that was circulated via WhatsApp

Screenshot (4)

Currently, many graduates have resorted to online writing jobs as a way to cushion themselves from the biting unemployment levels. One such graduate was surprised to learn that she was a long time neighbor to another coursemate of hers who was living in the same neighborhood doing online jobs. Indeed, online writing jobs have become the order of the day as more and more unemployed youth continue to make a living through this new found oasis of online work.

Many seem to be doing well with online jobs, however, this should only be a means to an end. There is much you could still do online such as drop shipping, opening your own commercial blog or website, starting a freelance writing business or a blog on a particular niche.

According to Business Fundamentals, a book compiled by Global Text Project, if you think that you were not cut out to be an entrepreneur, you are wrong. Many were shunned and told they would amount to nothing but they went on to become very great entrepreneurs. To cut the story short, entrepreneurs are not born but made. The book mentions particular marks of an entrepreneur which sum up the mindset of an entrepreneur. These include:

  • Vision: Ability to create and communicate an easily understandable mission for what your new venture does in order to successfully launch a new business. This is accomplished while inspiring others to join you in your new enterprise.
  • Creativity: Ability to inject imagination and uniqueness into a new business venture. It takes skill and ingenuity to create a new venture equipped with strategies to outsmart the competition.
  • Focus: Able to maintain the vision of the company with unwavering diligence. It’s very easy to get sidetracked especially if you find it necessary to evolve the original vision. Ironically, we have encountered many successful entrepreneurs who get bored easily.
  • Passion: Desiring to succeed under your own steam [initiative] on a business venture.
  • Drive: Possessing intrinsic energy to accomplish the business goal even in the face of adversity.
  • Perseverance: Able to keep going even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
  • Opportunistic Nature sees the possibilities even before they exist. Can take advantage of an upcoming trend or unite unrelated processes to create a unique business venture.
  • Problem Solving Ability: Thrives on coming up with solutions to complex challenges.
  • Self-discipline: Able to be organized and regimented in pursuit of a successful business venture.
  • Frugality: Knows how to stretch every cent so that expenditures are as low as possible.
  • Empathy: Able to put yourself in another’s shoes and therefore able to show sensitivity and understanding of what others are communicating in the startup environment.
  • Social Responsibility: Ethics, caring, and humanitarianism are characteristics that are commonly found in today’s entrepreneurs.
  • Spirituality: We have found that successful entrepreneurs have often devoted time to spirituality development. Meditation and positive affirmations are two common examples of spirituality.
  • Good Timing: Able to identify a market opportunity and know when it’s the optimum time to launch a new venture or expansion of an existing enterprise.

You are the only limit to what you can do. Sheryl Sandberg says it all in her quote that we hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in.

With the current employment status in Kenya, Kenya needs visionary entrepreneurs who will rise up to the occasion and begins startups and ventures that will transform Kenya’s economic landscape thereby creating more jobs and making life economically better for Kenyans.