Don’t Seek Success, Seek Value


Seeking success is good, but not better when compared to seeking value. What success are you seeking in your life? Is it the perfect marriage? Do you want to get a promotion at your workplace? In fact, you have been told the sky is the limit. Right? I’m not disputing the saying, but here is … Read more

Why being Grateful gives you More Opportunities to be

The things I’m grateful for There are two groups of people in the world today. Those who know how to be grateful and those who know how to complain. In which category do you identify yourself? For the last two weeks, I have a been sleeping at an exclusive guest house. While here, I have … Read more

No Glory Without Sacrifice

This morning while attending a monthly departmental meeting at my workstation I happened to be among those listening to our guest for the day – a recruitment officer with the company I work with. To say the least, her story was inspiring let alone motivating. Every sentence from her mouth broke forth through the still … Read more