build better relationships with people

Why you Should Build Better Relationships with People in 2022

Do you build better relationships with people, or are you the person people keep avoiding?

If you are not building better relationships with people, you are doing a great disservice to yourself because all your blessings, your increase, and abundance will come through people, and to be more precise, a man.

Well, how often do you communicate with the people you have saved on your phonebook? You’ll build great relationships with people when you know how to keep in touch and build great relationships with them.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can spend time and money searching for solutions to your problems somewhere else when you carry those solutions and move around with them.

Why so? Because you stopped valuing the contacts on your phone book and felt you needed new ones. You feel they need you, but you don’t need them. That’s the problem you got, man!

I didn’t say you should not network and build new friendships. But equally, you shouldn’t ignore old friends just because you feel they aren’t significant in your life.

Build Better Relationships with People No Man is an Island

Show me a self-made man, and I will show you a liar. Even if you were to learn a skill on YouTube on your own, someone had to post that video for you to find it there.

Life has some honest and straightforward truths that we always keep ignoring yet cost us our money, time, and other resources.

Because you were once poor and now have begun making money, you start feeling you should cut off your friends because you feel they don’t measure up to the current you.

You feel they are pulling you down.

You feel you can call people who matter and forget about the ones you feel can’t bring a significant change in your life.

Unfortunately for you, this mentality is never right, as just anybody could be successful.

The success you are looking for is not in heaven. It’s on earth, among the people you keep ignoring. Some of these people look cheap and primitive, but they carry your blessings.

In John the third chapter, twenty-seventh verse, John mentions that no one can receive anything unless given to him from above.

If the Lord releases your blessings, he will release them through a man.

He is a Spirit being. You don’t expect him to come down from heaven and bless you. But he will use his servants and other people as vessels of his blessings to bless you.

Similarly, he can also use you for his noble purpose that you may be a blessing to someone else’s life.

Here is why you need to build better relationships with people in 2022

1. All great testimonies are connected to man/People

Was there a time you gave a testimony that wasn’t connected to a man? The far you have come is because of the people who have been around you.

In 2nd Kings chapter 13, we are told that Moabites used to raid the land of Israel. In one raid, they found Israelites trying to bury a man. Out of panic, the Israelites threw the body in Elisha’s graveyard. The man came back to life when the corpse touched Elisha’s bone.

I’m passing across the point that all your blessings will come through a man. If you start counting your blessings, every one of them has been through people. The blessings will come through the solid relationships you have established with them.

Before joining campus, you needed a man to guide you through your course selection. A man was instrumental in enabling you to close the deal on that business you are running today.

If married, it’s apparent that you met your wife through people. The bottom line here is that your blessings came through a man; for more reason, you should build better relationships with people.

2. There is Nothing you are Trying to Achieve that a Man hasn’t Achieved before

Now, the world is said to be 4.5 billion years old. Think about all the people who have lived before you.

If you were to get a chance to meet some of them today, which isn’t possible, of course, everybody would have a story to tell. They would tell you about the dreams they had. Their goals and what they were able to achieve.

Talk about any field, career, vocation, or calling in the world; there is nobody that hasn’t gone before you. That tells you something. To succeed, you need people for the apparent reason that they have gone ahead of you. They have learned from their failures and are wise enough to share with you their experience.

In 1 Kings 19;19-21, Elisha left everything he had and all he was doing to follow Elijah. Of course, he followed Elijah because he wanted to be like him – a prophet. The only way Elisha could become a prophet was to learn from another prophet.

3. There are People you Ignore in your Life, yet they Carry your Blessings.

In 1st Samuel 16, the great prophet in Israel, Samuel had visited the home of a farmer and a herdsman, Jesse. The Lord had sent him to anoint the next king of Israel after King Saul had lost God’s glory because of disobedience.

After vetting all the elder sons Jesse thought were the best fit to be kings in Israel, none was found to qualify.

Little did they know that the youngest son in the home, David, carried the family’s blessings. He was the one who was anointed to be king in Israel after King Saul.

If David had not been a king in Israel, Jesse would have been another man in Jesus Christ’s genealogy. But more fundamentally, him being part of Jesus Christ’s genealogy already put him in the records of Bible history.

To his brothers, David was a sheepherder and a messenger to run errands in the home. But what God saw in him is not what others saw.

There are people you keep ignoring and delude yourself that maybe they amount to nothing in your life. But they could be the very people who will make a mark in your life.

4. Some People will Take you to Greatness because of your Small Assistance in their Lives.

Your greatness could be lying in your remote assistance to someone else. Years back, I walked with two of my peers along a street leading to the main town center. Along the way, we met an older man who was pushing a loaded wheelbarrow.

Seeing us passing by, he requested our assistance. My peers ignored him. Deep down, I wanted to help the older adult but fell under peer pressure.

I regretted not helping the older man. Honour is not much of a hefty price to pay. And it could open other blessings you never imagined you would ever have in your life.

The story goes of a bright young lady in a particular village who had just won a scholarship to undertake her higher education in the United Kingdom. I will call her Rachel.

While at home, Rachel used to run their family shop at the nearest trading center. Almost daily, an old village man used to pass by the shop. His better days seem to have gone by, and he wasn’t much of a pleasant sight to look at.

All Rachel could do was greet him and offer an empathetic smile. But you won’t believe it when I tell you what the greetings of Rachel led to.

Just before she flew abroad, the older man got wind that Rachel was flying to the UK in a few days to come.

The man got in touch with Rachel and asked her for a walk in town. They headed to the nearest bank, where the man withdrew money over $2000/Ksh.200,000 and handed it over to Rachel.

All for what? Greetings? Honour? Her case was not even about offering any assistance. She received her financial blessings by just showing respect and greeting the older man. Even smiling at a stranger is enough to start better relationships with them.

5. A Man will Mentor You.

I wouldn’t have begun my freelance writing journey if I had not met with Walter Akolo, the Freelancer Kenya founder.

Walter runs two popular groups on Facebook. Remarkable Freelance Writers in Africa and Awesome Transcribers in Kenya.

Through these groups, Walter has mentored and keeps mentoring thousands of people in their journey as freelance writers and internet marketers.

You feel you are good at something, but you need a man as a mentor to shape you in your craft. But you will unleash your potential better when you have a mentor to walk you through every step of the way.

God uses older men in the faith to mentor young ministers in the gospel. Timothy had Paul.

In Ruth 3, we see Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi guiding her on what to do to win Boaz’s heart. Thanks to Naomi’s motherly advice, Ruth got married to Boaz. The two are part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. What a wonder!

6. You need to let go of a Man Who Has Become a Burden.

Build better relationships with people because, among them, there is a man there who carries your blessings. On the contrary, men could also become burdensome. In that case, you may have no option but to let them go.

You are not the manager of the universe. There is a limit to how far you can go in helping or standing with someone. And sometimes, a man could become a burden for one reason or another.

Some will take advantage of your generosity. Others will be too much to bear. There are some tasks you can’t involve some people because you know they will be a burden.

Take the example of David and Hushai in 2nd Samuel 15:33-35

The Bottom Line

See it this way. If you are the person who keeps ignoring people intentionally, know that you are ignoring your blessings. However much you have achieved or how far you have income in life, you still need people.

When life misfortunes come knocking, which no one is immune to, you will need the same people you think you don’t need to stand with you.

Build better relationships with people in 2021.