Positive Thinking: How to Think Positive for a Healthy Lifestyle

Is positive thinking a choice or people think negatively even when they don’t want to? The truth is, people, gain negative thinking patterns just as they would positive thinking patterns. The sad part is, people embrace negative thinking patterns more than positive ones without their knowledge. 

What do you look like inside your head? There those who see the glass half empty, and others see it as half full. In other words, those who see the glass as half empty are pessimistic, while those who see the glass as half full are optimistic. Embracing negative thinking instead of vivacious is akin to being sick because it leads to a lack of peace and mental stress. 

This article talks about positive thinking and how you can use it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get moving. 

What is Positive Thinking?

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Positive thinking is focusing on the bright side of things. It’s choosing to see the light when everybody around you sees darkness.

I don’t mean it literally.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you ignore the bad in your life. On the contrary, it means you are conscious of the dark side of things happening in your life, but you choose to remain optimistic and confident about good things coming. 

Children are born innocent until they pick wrong cues from their parents, siblings, and society. However, as you grow into an adult, choose between positive thinking and negative thinking

Out of the heart, the mouth speaks. You will spot a positive thinking person by their perceptions about life issues and how they approach unpleasant situations. How you speak about your life is an accurate reflection of who you are on the inside. 

Positive thoughts will lead to positive self-talk. On the flip side of things, a negative mind will speak what is always negative. 

For me, I would say reading the Bible has made me a positive thinker. You may not be a believer, but the Bible can turn the most cynical mind into one that thinks positively. 

Positive Thinking for a Healthy Lifestyle

If positive thinking were not riches, I wouldn’t be talking or writing about it. Positive thinking is a source of healing and strength to your spirit and bones. 

What is your self-talk on money, relationships, career, and family, for example? When people check on you, what are you always telling them? Do you rant about the terrible weather and your pain in the butt, boss, or you choose to focus on the positive and tell them you are doing well? 

Here are the benefits of always focusing on the positive side of things:

  1. You will cope better with stressful situations
  2.  Prevents depression 
  3. Perfect physical and psychological well being
  4. Longevity in life 
  5. A healthy immune system against the Common cold.
  6. Reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases and death. 
  7. Reduced levels of distress. 

How to Develop Positive Thinking in your Life

In most cases, when the mind is in a state of anxiety or suspense, it always thinks of evil or something terrible happening. Imagine your spouse coming home an hour later than the time you always expect them. 

Your mind will race you through all the bad scenarios it can imagine, only to realize later on that your spouse was held up in a meeting or got caught up in a traffic jam. 

Or maybe your loved one is suffering from a chronic disease that doesn’t seem to go away. You have invested so much time and money in treating your child, but there has been little progress so far. 

Given the degree of the challenge, you will feel burned out, stressed, and have too many thoughts, which in most cases are negative. 

Well, the good news is that you can learn to unlearn such negative thinking in your life. We offer you some ways you can learn positive thinking in your life. 

Focus on the Good

We don’t live in a perfect world. Shit sometimes happens. But that shouldn’t give you a reason to cloud your mind with negativity. Imagine missing a flight? Or a necessary appointment?

That is going to cause you much stress. But on the flip side, there is never a problem without a solution. And if no solution is available, the problem is manageable.

If you missed the critical appointment, tell yourself you can schedule another one at a reasonable time. 

Keep Company with Positive Thinkers

The people you spend most of your time with determine whether you will be a positive or a negative thinker. Stay with the positive ones, and you will be the next in line.

I once dreaded marriage because I had kept the company of people who felt that marriage wasn’t worthwhile and led to lots of frustrations and loss of freedom.

The truth is, no marriage is perfect, but you can choose to work on yours to make it look like you want it to be. If you stay close to positive people longer, your perception of life will be positive, and you will also have higher self-esteem. 

Practice Gratitude

Recently, while attending a Mind Wellness class, the instructor was quick to point out the importance of being thankful.

Practicing mindfulness helps you forget the bad and start focusing on the good. The instructor pointed out that we need to point out something that worked well at the end of each day.

Talk about having a gratitude journal. Practicing gratitude improves your self-esteem and optimism in life. It’s an easy pathway to positive thinking. 

Also, it will help you navigate the difficult time in your life. 

Embrace Humor

If you are not a fan of humor, maybe it’s time you start being one. Past studies on humor have found it to be stress-relieving.

Humour also helps you get rid of depression and anxiety. Learn to embrace humor and laugh heartily. Numerous stand-up comedy shows could help you crack your ribs for a moment.

Play nice and allow yourself to laugh. Laughing, in itself, has been said to be a mood booster. 

Start your Day Positively

How you start your morning determines how the rest of your day will be. You want to begin with stuff that will uplift you and give you the energy to sail through.

I pray and listen to uplifting music. The great motivational guru, Tony Robbins, has a unique morning routine for fifteen minutes that keeps him fueled up for the rest of the day.

Here is a summary of his morning routine: 

  • Moving and breathing ( five minutes )
  • Emotional State of Enormous Gratitude ( five minutes) 
  • Incantations/Mantras (five minutes) 

Your mornings don’t have to start like that of Tony Robbins. You could come up with your way of starting your day positively. 

Practice Positive Affirmations and Self-talk

Everyone has a voice in their head that speaks to them either negatively or positively. Positive thinking demands that you have positive self-talk.

We can be hard on ourselves, but it also helps to look at ourselves like a normal being prone to errors.

Learn to be optimistic about yourself by being mindful of your self-talk. Instead of telling yourself, “I can’t afford it.” Give yourself to possibilities by saying, “How can I afford it?”

Fix your negative areas

If you are not a positive thinker, chances are high; there are negative areas in your life that you are yet to identify and fix. Maybe you hate it when people tell you what to do.

This isn’t wrong because you can’t have it all figured out, but you may have created negativity around it, making you negative.

Or maybe you always turn negative at work because of one reason or the other. It would be best if you identify these areas and correct them.

You could also use help from people around you to identify your negative areas. 

Positive Thinking in Difficult Times

positive thinking

Positive thinking doesn’t mean suppressing your negative thoughts. Feel free to allow the negative thoughts to come by but make them a passing cloud. 

This might be near impossible, especially when grieving or going through a difficult period in your life. But trust me, you can still choose to have positive thoughts.

The trick is not to focus on the problem at hand but embrace the support of other people. Also, look into ways you can be supportive of other people.

Imagine yourself giving advice or encouragement to a grieving person; what would you tell them? You are likely to tell them you know how they feel and that you have been there before.

I know you will tell them that it’s okay to feel that way and then encourage them and gently remind them that it will pass.  

Practice Positive Thinking Everyday

Practicing positive thinking every day in your life is extremely rewarding. It will reduce negative self-talk, improve your self-esteem, and change the perception of the world around you. Positive thinking has a direct correlation with your health. Positive thinkers maintain good health, while negative thinkers are prone to stress symptoms and heart diseases. Choose your path today. We offer you a free e-book on positivity that will help you practice positivity every day of your life. Subscribe and grab your free copy. 

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