4 Ways You Could Improve Your Life

improve your life

Do you want to improve your life or do you ever think about improving your life? If so, that’s a good thing. It means you are development-conscious and you want a better version of your current life.

On the contrary, the process of improving your life is not as easy as you may think. It is as hard as coming out of your comfort zone. Like a child learning to walk, break out of the current you into the former you.

Improving your life means investing in yourself so you can be better at something. In the marketplace, being a jack of all trades never sells. Therefore, for you to stand out, you need to offer more value than ordinary folk.

I’m sorry if you expected me to talk about money. Young adults you will have to bear with me here. Money should be a means to an end. And that’s why billionaires keep making it when you think they have made it already.

So. let me cut to the chase. Here are four ways you can improve your life.

1. Enroll for an Online Course

The world is a global village thanks to the digital space we live in currently. With a smartphone and internet bundles from your telecommunication provider, you could easily get a certificate or diploma from MIT.

Young people through college shouldn’t waste their precious time editing their social media profiles repeatedly.

Take advantage of the free online courses on the internet today to have a vantage point in the marketplace. Whether it’s at your place of work or in your business, an online course helps spruce up your work skills.

Coursera is a common online course platform that you could study lots of courses, whether free or paid, and earn yourself a certificate. For the record, the Ministry of ICT Kenya is in partnership with Coursera to provide workplace skills for the Kenyan youth.

You can download the Coursera app on your phone and keep going.

Improve your life by studying some more so you can earn yourself a fortune.

2. Learn a New Language

Whether local or international, a new language can open you to other frontiers in life. Which language are you interested in? Is it French, Swedish, Chinese, or the local language of your country? Start learning it right now.

Similar to studying an online course, learning a new language also makes you valuable in the marketplace. Multinational companies would be happy to hire an employee who is bilingual.

If an entrepreneur or doing business, learning a new language will open your venture to more marketplaces.

A translator who knows has the added value of working with people from different walks of life.

To get moving, quickly download the Duolingo app on your smartphone or desktop and start learning. It’s never too late. They teach you a new language at both basic and intermediate levels.

3. Practice Mindfulness

A lot is happening in the world today. You are lucky to be alive if reading this. The world economy is now grappling with a pandemic. We have lost lives. People have lost jobs. We have lost businesses and some are struggling to maintain valuable relationships.

Against such a catastrophic backdrop, it helps to maintain your mental health. One simple way to practice mindfulness is by meditating.

Early in the mornings or late in the evenings, set aside time to meditate and have a serene time with your thoughts. Don’t make it harder, so you give up faster.

A meditation could be as short as three minutes or as long as 20 minutes. May you have been thinking about a way you can have more mental clarity or focus. Or maybe you are looking for some relaxation after running up and down the entire day and want to ease some tension? Meditation is what you need.

Start off by downloading the Headspace app on your phone and get shit done. By practicing mindfulness, you let go of the tension, the worries, you become more productive, improving your life.

4. Interact with Better People than You

If you are ever the best in your circle, you better start thinking of finding a new outfit. It’s only by challenging ourselves that we can improve our lives.

The common adage goes that birds of the same feather flock together. You are wise if you surround yourself with people who you want to become like.

“I have no successful people around me?” You may ask. Though important, you don’t have to interact with successful people physically to feel you are doing something worth your time.

You could interact with their ideas online. Read their books, listen to their podcasts, and watch their shows. It’s that simple.

What do you want or what is it you are looking for? A successful marriage, wealth, to be an accomplished entrepreneur. You name it! Society is never in lack of trail blazers and icons in your line of interest.

Wrap Up

There is nothing I have recommended to you on this post that I’m not doing myself. Young people, especially if single with some money in their pockets, have a lot of free time they could use to improve their lives

We all have 24 hours in a day. You could kill it with loose women and men or binge-watching on Netflix, but it’s your life anyway, right? Nevertheless, if you want to improve your life, try out these four tips, and let’s talk later.

The digital space has made a lot of online resources more available at our disposal than we could ever imagine. You are just an app away from improving your life. Whatever journey you are on in your life, there is always something you can do to make it better.

Improve your life for a better tomorrow.

Your Success is in Your Mind

your success is in your mind

Your success is what you envision in your mind. It’s not what you see in other people. If you are with me here, let’s move on.

Everything you ever want in life is inside within you. God and the universe can only help you accomplish it. But everything starts from within you.

Here’s Why

A typical example I may use is the one for the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was once a mere directory used in Harvard dormitories.

Mark began experimenting on the Facebook idea when he was a sophomore at Harvard, together with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. The rest is history.

Julian Kyula, the Senior Pastor, Purpose Centre Church, Nairobi is the founder and former CEO of Mode, a mobile decisioning company that lends airtime credit to its consumers.

Having worked with Credit companies in the US, Mr. Kyula used his knowledge and experience in the industry to open his company valued at millions of dollars. You can read more about Mode here.

Create your Path

Well, those are some examples of successful startup stories in the US and Kenya. I’m not encouraging you to be a start-up founder. You need to know that everything you can create in this world is within you.

The success stories of the aforementioned examples were just a decision away. Mark would have continued with his Computer Science degree and shelve his Facebook project. But he thought otherwise.

If you are a student, please don’t drop school. Create your own path.

Kyula would have continued living in the US, earning a six-figure salary in a first world country. Living the American dream, right? But there is something he discovered within him that was far beyond his job.

Think Long term

Young people! Please be patient and appreciate the value of hard work. Whether you are working for somebody or are self-employed, keep your attitude right, and keep grinding.

I can assure you a successful idea will come and it will be from within your mind. Shortcuts in life are there but they are the longest routes bedecked with regrets, pain and frustrations if you come to think about it.

A young man deludes himself that when he hooks himself to a sugar mummy for riches in exchange for sexual favor, that’s a well cut out life for him.

That’s akin to dancing with a bear and sooner she will eat you up. Young ladies! Being a second wife or side chick to a rich man doesn’t make you successful. There are some evil seeds you are sowing and you will reap them later.

Young people should give themselves grace, believe in themselves (God already believes in you), and work hard because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And if you think you have seen the success, you have seen nothing yet because your success is in your mind.

Stay hopeful, Stay positive.

Honest Relationship: Proven Tips Beginner Couples Should Know

honest relationship

What entails an honest relationship? And if you have caught yourself lying in a relationship, what triggered the lie? 

Ideally, everyone wants to be virtuous, but not everyone wants to practice the virtue of honesty in their relationships. As you are reading this piece, take a moment right now, and examine your relationship? Do you think you have been honest with your partner? From childhood unto our adulthood, our parents bred us to know that lying is bad. 

An honest relationship entails being honest with your partner at all times. By being open to each other, you create a loving environment that is healthy and long-lasting.  According to Depaulo, author of the book Detection of Lies in Forensic Concepts, people perceive individuals with the highest number of lies as irresponsible, manipulative, and are hyper-conscious of other people’s thoughts. Besides, they are more extroverted than people who tell fewer lies. 

Between you and your partner, who lies the most? You know the answer best. 

Keeping Things Honest in Your Relationship 

Honesty in a relationship entails being authentic and transparent with your partner on issues, including the ones you feel are most insignificant. We live in a real world, and it helps when you are more real than living in fantasy. 

It’s understandable that you all come from different backgrounds and each one has their own perception of life. For you to build a thriving relationship, it’s important that you share your different perceptions and build one out of the two. 

To achieve an honest relationship, you and your partner will need to implement important practices that involve speaking the truth, not intentionally omitting information, never intentionally misleading them from the truth. 

Why Practise Honesty in Your Relationship?

I will be straight to the point: It’s the only way you can have an intense and intimate relationship with someone. Relationships that thrive on lies seldom last for long, and if they do, it takes a lot of effort to build the trust back. 

Also, for the two of you to build a meaningful relationship, that is full of trust, honesty has to be part of the foundation. A simple way for someone to trust you is to show that you can be honest with them. 

Anyone in a functional relationship will attest to the fact that a healthy relationship comes from building and maintaining an open and honest communication with your significant other. 

At this point, it’s important to mention that you will also have to exercise some discretion as you attempt to be an honest partner in your relationship. Being honest shouldn’t make you rude, unkind, or insensitive with the truth. 

What Honesty is Not 

Truth sometimes hurts, and you shouldn’t use it intentionally to harm your partner. You can package and deliver it in a more sensible way.  Now, honesty is not revealing everything you feel and think. Because you feel your friend or acquaintance is hotter than your partner, you will not tell that to them, won’t you? 

Be truthfully honest and not brutally honest. I’m learning this myself. 

Similarly, you may have issues you feel not comfortable bringing them out to your partner. It’s okay to feel that way, however, you need to let them understand how you feel. They will understand you better and will put you at ease to talk about it. 

There should be no secrets in relationships. That’s what marriage counselors keep telling us repeatedly. But as a partner in the relationship, you may have some confidential information from a third party that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your partner. It’s important that you share your concerns with your partner and let them understand why the information you have is confidential. 

The Three Forms of Lies: White, Real, and Gray 

According to Erin M. Bryant (Trinity University,2008) there are three types of lies: The white lie, Real and Gray. Of the three, the white lie is the most common. According to the research, white lies lack malicious intent and people often use them with a benevolent intent or to convey a partial truth. 

For instance, you could be sick and resting, but you tell your partner you aren’t to prevent them from worrying. White lies have trivial consequences, and people always prefer using them because they find them harmless. 

A similar case could be when the wife tells the husband she enjoyed his meal because she knows there will be no consequences to it. . 

What about grey lies? These are beyond white lies, hmmm? But you can’t categorize them as actual lies yet. On the same knot, you can’t use the parameters you used to define white lies to define the gray ones. 

Byrant broke down gray lies into two categories: The ambiguous gray lies  and the justifiable gray lies. 

Ambiguous gray lies are completely false, but you could use them to help someone. For example, telling a full-blown lie to your boss or employer to cover your colleague. So they have gray areas because to one party it could be a lie, while to the other party it isn’t. In the case of justifiable lies, they could be real lies, but justified within certain reasons. 

A justifiable lie is one that you completely fabricate to protect yourself or the other person from dire consequences. In the context of a romantic relationship, what do you think could qualify as a perfect example? 🙂

According to Byrant, Real lies are ““unacceptable lies that are malicious, self serving, complete fabrications of the truth, that hold serious consequences”

Let’s face it, as humans we are prone to mistakes over and over and we use these lie types unknowingly to cover our asses. The question is, which of the three types of lies and their consequences are you and your partner comfortable living with? 

Think about it as you navigate your honest relationship journey. 

How to Practise Honesty

1. Express How You Feel

Which is easier? Expressing how you feel or bottling yourself up? It does you more good than harm when you speak rather than shutting up. Honest communication with your partner saves them the trouble of having to second guess your thoughts or next move. 

Sometimes men find it difficult expressing themselves. You say, “I would rather avoid confrontation”. Well, speaking up does not outright lead to confrontation. It’s healthier for you, as it will help you avoid resenting your partner and forming a history lesson. 

Have you ever reminded your partner what he/she did a year back? They may never be in a position to answer because they never remember the nitty-gritty of the event. It helps to always express how you feel. 

2. Communicate Effectively

An open, honest communication is good but effective communication is far much better. To communicate effectively and understand the feelings and thoughts of your partner better:

  • Make use of “I” statements 
  • Be clear about your thoughts and feelings
  • Be open-minded 
  • Avoid defensive listening
  • Validate each other’s feelings 

3. Know Yourself

To practice honesty better, it pays to understand yourself. You won’t be good at maintaining an honest relationship if you don’t know about you. Take a step back and separate yourself from people’s opinions and the perception of society on you. 

If by any chance, you embraced a harmful personality that doesn’t reflect you, then you need to drop it for the sake of being honest about your relationship with your partner. 


An honest relationship is achievable. If you are a young couple and just starting out, embrace honest practices in your union and your relationship will go far. Everyone wants to be virtuous, but not everyone wants to put in the hard work that reflects virtue. Regarding honesty in your relationship, practice honesty by speaking the truth, not intentionally omitting information and not misleading your partner about the truth. If you found this piece helpful or feel you want to put your thoughts into it, let me know in the comments below. 

Stay positive with honest relationships.