Landing a Job Today is Easy with these 7 Tips

landing a job
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Is landing a job a familiar phrase, or it arouses feelings of anger in you? And you are just thinking about how much of a loser you have become.

You have been burning the midnight oil drafting C.Vs only for them to end up in a dustbin.

Well, it’s not like I have a job to offer you now but I’m here to walk you through this and perhaps if not possibly make you land your dream job. Or at worse, get a job towards that trajectory.

Landing a Job: The Status Quo

More than ever, literacy levels are up and high. Institutions of higher learning are churning out graduates in various fields into the job market.

Unfortunately for them, it’s one of the worst times to seek employment. Corporate Kenya is ailing and job cuts by companies are a common trend today.

Neither are the employed any safer. Pay rise and promotions are becoming rare by the day.

More than ever, literacy levels are up and high, institutions of higher learning are churning out graduates in various fields into the job market. Unfortunately for graduates, it’s one of the worst times to seek employment.

It’s no longer a surprise to be hit by worrisome newspaper headlines. They are now part of the trending news.

Why Kenya is trapped in a debt spiral

Alarm as 388 Kenyan firms dissolved in 6 months

Kenyans with Ksh 100,000 in bank fall to thirteen year low

All these a clear indicator that the Kenyan economy has seen better days.

Companies are tightening their budgets by the day as a measure to stagnate the wage bill. This is also to help safeguard their profit margins.

Some have never recovered fully from the aftermath of bungled elections in 2007. Brick and mortar corporations and organizations like Posta Kenya are on the brink of extinction.

The digital era now strides colossally in the communication space.

Unlike in the ’70s and ’80s when fresh graduates would be in the payroll system a few days after graduation, the situation today is one to be pitied.

As the cliche goes, tarmacking and gambling are the norm today as the youth resort to unethical methods of sustaining their livelihoods. How then is landing a job something achievable in the status quo?

If you are still with me, that’s great. It’s time to cut the chase and hit the nail on the head.

Job Warfare

You need to understand that this is not a surefire strategy that is guaranteed to land you a job today.

However, chances are that it will give you a fresh perspective of things and help you towards changing your fortunes.

The job market today is no longer about sending resumes but building connections through networking. So, the number one secret to landing a job today is to


Network by building reliable connections that guarantee you results someday.

Linkedin is a suitable site to start you off. You want to have a strong profile that lists your skill set and work experience that will make potential employers come knocking.


You lose nothing by choosing to volunteer. Some have volunteered for organizations like the RED CROSS and got to land lucrative job opportunities.


This is more or less like leveraging on your connections to sell you to potential employers they know.

Once you make them aware of your key competencies, it would be easier for them to sell you to the best opportunity available.

Skill-match your CV

Tailor-make your resume to suit the skills and experience a potential employer is looking for.

Sending a blanket cover letter and resume to potential employers is a guaranteed way to making sure that you land no job.

The takeaway here is to make sure you create a resume that matches the skill set an employer is looking for.

For instance, a banking experience would be irrelevant in the medical field.

Avoid Being Choosy

Yes, I know you are a computer scientist from a reputable university. But just because someone is offering you a job out of your field is not enough reason to throw it down the drain.

Often, life will hand to you what you don’t want before you get what you want.

Grab that first opportunity and use it as a leverage to network, and build meaningful connections.

Their pay may be meager, but over time it’s bound to increase. It’s no longer a secret that some top company employees first began as casual workers in their organizations. Start with the end goal in mind.

Consider Self-employment

If you are a technician, a chef, a plumber, or painter you can as well self employ yourself and build yourself a business that will help employ other people. These skill sets are rarely taught in Kenyan universities but in polytechnics and tertiary institutions. Find a skill your hand can do.

Make yourself Valuable

I know you have a degree or a master’s in a given field. You are very proud of it but hey! Education is just part of the endless learning process.

You never stop learning and researching unless you want to expire sooner. Always make yourself relevant in your field of specialization. You can do this by attending workshops, conferences, and studying more.

Bottom Line

In searching for a job today, it’s not only about writing the perfect C.V. Focus your energy on building meaningful workplace connections. You can be sure this will be a significant investment that will pay off someday. Follow the tips we offer you today and it won’t be long before you stop filling a loser. Share this with a friend and encourage someone on the path of landing a job.