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No Need to Try Hard Solving the Puzzles, Just Let Life Unfold

Life like a paradox is one big puzzle that makes you a smile at the beginning of the day and maybe sad at the end. The opposite is also true. Not once or twice, you will find yourself in situations where all seems stuck and life has nothing better to offer other than a myriad […]

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A Letter to my Esteemed Readers

Hi there, It gives me much pleasure and joy to pen this letter to you. I must say that your continued support and the courtesy to always stop by has not been in vain but has actually created a strong, positive and forward moving relationship between us. As narrated earlier, my journey as a blogger […]


Excerpts from the Diary of a Young Scholar

Mark sat in his study overlooking the sky blue sea on the Far East. His time in Sweden was almost coming to an end after completing his Master studies in Environmental Economics in a Swedish university. He was in Sweden for a two year Master scholarship. Three years ago, Mark who hails from Kenya had […]