8 Marks of Humility You Should Embrace


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What is humility? Some say it is accepting who you are. Not thinking highly of yourself. Not putting yourself before others. Being humble.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines humility as having freedom from pride or arrogance.

But I must say that not many people practice the virtue of humility. More so because they deem it as a weakness, or they feel it as not so important as a virtue to them in getting the good things in life. It is even more fascinating to learn that it is a virtue that we appreciate it more in other people than ourselves.

In practicing humility, it is not about thinking very little about yourself, but having a heart that does not only think about itself.

When you practice humility you will:

  1. Be humble enough to accept that you don’t know something
  2. Be humble enough to do lowest tasks and lowest duties
  3. Give attention to the lowest in society
  4. Serve others without complaining
  5. Stand to be corrected even when you feel you are right
  6. Lose an argument for the sake of a win for both parties actually
  7. Find it easy helping other people
  8. Be patient enough to wait for something or someone.

If you do not relate to any of the above, then you need to learn how to practice them for the sake of changing lives and for the good of the society.

What other marks of humility do you think should be added to the list?


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