5 Steps To a Financially Secure 40


The subject of money is exciting at the same time strikes you with deep thoughts about your financial future.

In your 20’s life seems like a roller coaster where you want to live a carefree life, make merry and drink yourself silly. However, in your 30’s life ushers in a new set of responsibilities as you begin to settle into family life.

Some, realize late that at this stage the financial risks you take are more detrimental than when you could have taken them while in your 20’s and single.

Rather than wait for 40’s to catch up with you, there are simple measures that you can take that will guarantee you a financially secure 40.  Read on to know them well.

#1. Save and Avoid Consumer Loans

Everyone wants to make their life better. However, this does not mean that you should borrow a loan to take your lifestyle to the next level. Unfortunately, many people get embroiled in consumer loans that make them poorer. Financial institutions are always willing and ready to give you their money anytime you qualify and need the money. Nevertheless, they are not going to be there for you when you are broke and cannot service your consumer debts.

To be on the safe side borrow money to invest. When your job still gives you the opportunity to borrow a loan, take advantage of the opportunity by putting your money into good investments that are worth your money and sacrifice.  Again, ensure to save and invest first before putting all your money into your lifestyle expenses.

#2. Work Smarter

Working smarter is totally different from working harder.  A person who works hard spends much more time to achieve the same results a smart worker achieves for a far less time.

There is no rocket science to this but the difference is that the smart worker has realized there is a way he can achieve much more in a far less time.

For example, an employee who sits at his office from 9-5 pm may be busy yet not making any progress. On the hand, an entrepreneur running his business could be making more money in a day for a lesser time compared to the office worker.

You need to think forward. What better ways could you use to solve problems today that were never used in the years before? For instance, if you run a company that needs collecting data, what are you better at using? Is it electronic data collection tools such as ODK and commcare or use of manuals like pen and paper to collect data.

What do you think are the resources that you could leverage on to make your life better? It could be money, time, experience or networks. Find it out.

#3. Have an additional Source of Income

If you are like James Mworia, the CEO of Centum Investments who rakes in Ksh 16.9 Million as his monthly salary,  or Bob Collymore, CEO  Safaricom who takes home Ksh 10 Million per month you can as well focus on your job solely till retirement. If not, then consider having an additional source of income to supplement your main income. If you only depend on your main source of incoming for a living, then you could be brewing trouble in the future.

If you happen to lose your job, considering that you have a family to take care of, you might get stuck on how you will pay school fees for your kids besides servicing other loans. What is your passion? What skills do you have that you can put to good use for your business? It could be freelance writing, consultancy or blogging.

#4. Get Medical Cover

Well, just as it is said that Christ will come back as a thief so is sickness when it strikes. You are better off having a medical cover that can take care of you and your family in emergency situations.

Most people tend to rely on NHIF cards that are limited in terms of providing a comprehensive medical cover for their clients. Consider getting an additional medical cover that will cover you and your family sufficiently when dire situations come along.

Also, there are other insurance policies that you could look into such as life insurance, house insurance among others.

#5. Focus on Both Short-term and Long-term Investments

Some of the long term investments you could focus on include purchasing land or investing in government eleven-year bonds. However, as much as land increases in value over time, how are they going to help you acquire quick money when you need it most.

Rather than focus on accumulating properties all over, you could use your money to build systems and businesses that work for you even in your absence. As such, you can be sure of a constant stream of income even in your sleep.

Turn the Negatives thrown at You into Positives


According to psychology, human beings have a way of defending themselves against negative or bad feelings. Some choose to live in denial, others will use projection while others will choose to be irrational. Still, others will use misplaced aggression to feel better about themselves.

For sure, nobody under the sun is immune to life problems and challenges that keep recurring. I need not tell you that they are never going to stop anytime sooner. While you may want to know everything that happens, sometimes you are better off not knowing everything. It is not only about better and sweet but sometimes bitter sometimes sweet. Have you ever tried picturing your life without challenges?

Challenges are Necessary

Visualize yourself waking up one morning to an already set breakfast table. And you do not need to work because the government is providing everything for you. Yours is to eat, sleep, play and watch TV. Besides, the government is footing all your bills including your leisurely activities. Now picture yourself living this kind of life for a year. Where is the sense of accomplishment or achievement? What can you look about your life and feel proud of yourself? I would say nothing.

Life is full of both positives and negatives in equal measure. When we encounter positives, we live life to the fullest and celebrate over and over, however, when negatives hit us, many of us do not have the mental stamina to withstand the pressure.

Overcoming the Negatives

Therefore, one important skill that will do you well in life is to have a mindset that will shock absorb the many storms you will need to wither in life.

For instance, one of the common negativities we experience in our daily lives are insults, mockery and bad news from the people around us. Interestingly, the people throwing the negatives at you, in most cases are hurting too and they will project their frustrations on you. He or she could be in a bad relationship and will want to paint a picture of you being the cause of his or her relationship problems. At one time I sat close to a lady who remarked that all men are dogs! Probably, she was hurting from a relationship that turned sour. But you will be surprised to learn that few months down the line she got into a relationship with a man. Some men have also called women demons but still, live with them under one roof.

You need not react on such situations whatsoever but respond. When reacting you will use more of your emotions and are likely to cause yourself and the other person more harm, however, when you respond, you respond with reason and an objective disposition, therefore, calming down the situation.

Misplaced Aggression

Furthermore, many people use misplaced aggression as a technique to feel better or recover from their bad feelings. For example, Samantha gets quarreled by her mother for waking up late and therefore getting late to school. Well, Samantha does not react or respond to her mother but when she gets to school she vents her anger and pain on her desk mate and other schoolmates. Did her schoolmates really deserve the treatment? No! But Samantha is feeling better now.

If you approach the above-mentioned incidence, with this knowledge in mind, you will realize that there is no point of fighting fire with fire but be objective and understand the other person’s disposition, in this case, Samantha.

You Have the Power

Lucia had badly hurt her close friend Eunice with terrible insults about her body. As result, Eunice was deeply wounded and was sobbing uncontrollably. Well, if you have been on the receiving end of any kind of negative words, you know it is not easy to swallow such words. Such words could come from the person you call your best friend, your boss, your spouse, colleague or parent. However, we have the willpower in us to choose how we want to feel about the situation. My best shot is, rather than shut up and brood later over the negatives thrown at you, counter such negative attacks with positives.

Personal Experience

I remember at one point, I was enjoying some good music and singing the song as it played along. But it turned out that my neighbor was not very comfortable with my voice and so he remarked that I should shut up because my voice is hoarse and terrible. Well, I responded immediately on a lighter note and told him “You are wrong! That was a sweet angelic voice you were listening to” We all burst out laughing. Funny enough is the fact that I was able to neutralize the tense situation as fast as it came.

As the proverbial quote goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Have a positive day.

8 Marks of Humility You Should Embrace


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What is humility? Some say it is accepting who you are. Not thinking highly of yourself. Not putting yourself before others. Being humble.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines humility as having freedom from pride or arrogance.

But I must say that not many people practice the virtue of humility. More so because they deem it as a weakness, or they feel it as not so important as a virtue to them in getting the good things in life. It is even more fascinating to learn that it is a virtue that we appreciate it more in other people than ourselves.

In practicing humility, it is not about thinking very little about yourself, but having a heart that does not only think about itself.

When you practice humility you will:

  1. Be humble enough to accept that you don’t know something
  2. Be humble enough to do lowest tasks and lowest duties
  3. Give attention to the lowest in society
  4. Serve others without complaining
  5. Stand to be corrected even when you feel you are right
  6. Lose an argument for the sake of a win for both parties actually
  7. Find it easy helping other people
  8. Be patient enough to wait for something or someone.

If you do not relate to any of the above, then you need to learn how to practice them for the sake of changing lives and for the good of the society.

What other marks of humility do you think should be added to the list?


You Will Change Once You Stop Blaming Everybody but Yourself

blaming others
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John as his friends call him is a young man born in Busia County. His birth names are Patrick Sitati. Since he finished college, John has been in search of white collar jobs but he is always hitting at a dead end. This is something many young people in Kenya can relate to.

Unemployment notwithstanding, John’s character is also wanting. He is always complaining about everything and everybody but himself. According to him, there is nothing wrong with him but the people and situations around him. John occasionally goes on a tirade on how the Kenyan economy is bad, how county governments are immersed in corruption and nepotism, how the local church is full of hypocrites and out to do business than cure souls. His vision and future are blocked by a mountain of complaints.

Well, what John does not realize is that unless he takes responsibility and changes his own self and negativity nothing good is going to come out of his life just yet.

Mary is a social worker, employed by the local government but she is always complaining about her meager salary and how it is never enough to foot her bills. Unfortunately for Mary, she is blind to the fact that complaining never moved mountains it is only the faith of a mustard seed put into practical action with a positive attitude that can change her life history. Previously, before she got employed, Mary used to put up at her sister’s place and was totally supported by her sister. Not even could she afford money to buy airtime to chat with her friends.

Six months into her job, Mary stopped being grateful for her job and forgot that before then she could not afford her basic needs. Suddenly, the money has become little, the workplace is boring and she feels she deserves better. And there she was: complaining and into the blame game.

It is Not about What You Have but What You Can Do With What You Have

Well, how many of us go through life with this mental condition? We have this sense of entitlement and we always believe that we deserve better than what we already have. It’s my land, my job, my position, my car, my mansion. Come on! Spare me the want and be grateful for once.  Okay, hold on! I didn’t say stop being ambitious and pursuing your life goals. But first, be grateful for the little you have and stop whining about everything.

It is quite unfortunate that quite a few have fallen into the trap of living a superficial life and many are never satisfied. How many of us remember to be grateful every night we put our heads to bed? Many lie confused, disgusted and discouraged about plans that never went through, a deal that turned sour or rewinding the insults we received during the day. Why focus on the negatives and hurt even further?

Instead, choose to be grateful for life, for the good health, for the three square meals you ate with relish, the good, supportive friends you have, the shoes under your feet, the roof above you and you will count your blessings daily. The little things we take for granted on a daily basis are actually the things God want us to give thanks unto him and thank him also in advance for more that is to come.

Human beings have a tendency of pointing a finger at many other things that are wrong about them without examining their own selves. Christ was quick to point out this when he mentioned to the Pharisees why they were quick to look aty the speck of sawdust in their brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in their own eye (Matthew 7:3).

Correct the wrongs in you and see how fast you will change.





5 Amazing Tips to Build Your Body Image

body image
A woman

Before I delve further into this topic, I need to ask, are you comfortable with your body image? Do you love yourself appearance right now at the time of reading this article? If yes, happy you but if not you better tag along for amazing tips on how to improve your body image.

Firstly, I will define body image by saying that it is how you perceive yourself. It is the mental picture you have of your body. The image you see in front of your mirror is your body image. Do you admire yourself in the mirror or sulk at every moment you have to look at yourself in a mirror? Read on and learn how to improve your body image.

#1 Exercise

Without a doubt, exercise is one amazing activity to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Different people have different ways of exercising. Some prefer to go for long walks. Others prefer lifting weight while some will go for the morning runs. Well, choose what works best for you and stick to a routine. You will wonderfully feel better about your body and yourself.

#2 Be Choosy on What You Read on Social Media

You might feel good or not care at all when people talk ill of someone else appearance, be it on social media or nearby friends. However, when you find yourself on the receiving end of such like a conversation, trust me, you will totally feel wounded.

To build your body image, avoid social media content that is out to demean and make fun of other peoples body images. You may happen to relate to one of the body image being mocked and you won’t be left with good feelings either. To improve your body image, fill your mind with positivity and realistic body images that are not over glorified. Unfortunately, in this era and age of socialites, many, especially our good ladies would want to pamper their behinds to appear trendy and “socially acceptable”.

#3 Learn to Admire Yourself

Once in a while appreciate your image in front of a mirror and stop worshipping the body images of celebrities. You are just as fearfully and wonderfully made as you think they are. Is there something you are proud and would be happy to share it around? You better put your focus on good things about you.

Rather than frown every other time you stand in front of a mirror, afford a smile and strike a majestic pose. No need to share pictures on social media to get approval from your followers. Your worth and body image are not determined by how many likes and comments you get on social media.

The less you focus on the things you do not like about your body, the faster you will forget thinking about them. If a body feature on you cannot be changed through proper diet and exercise, better accept and learn to live with it. You will appreciate yourself more.

#4 Spoil Yourself Once in a Moment

To build your body image, it matters a lot how you treat yourself. Improve your body image by doing those things you rarely do for yourself. For instance, you could choose to visit a massage parlor and get the best of service for your body if the hearsay behind massage parlors is not anything to go by.

You could also find yourself a sweet-smelling body splash, cream or make-up (for the ladies) and make yourself the most dazzling bachelor or bachelorette in town. Do not forget to read self-help books that motivate and help you build your self-confidence which works well to improve your body image.

#5 Surround Yourself with Positivity

Attract positive things in your life by affirming, believing and anticipating for them. There is no point of wanting to build your body image when all you do is surround yourself with people who only talk about other people body flaws and weaknesses.

You will improve your body image, once you start appreciating the beauty around you, the beauty in others and being grateful for the many things have and always take for granted. Get to spend more time with people who want to build you and not to destroy you.

And there you are! the darling of all.